So many people consider Project Management as a career choice and from the outside it can look like a tough nut to crack, sometimes it can also look like a bit of a clique full of middle aged white men in suits. For many the quandry is a little like the chicken and egg scenario, trying to understand what comes first, experience or training and accreditations?

Back in December 2020 the BCS PROMSG (British Computer Society Project Management Special Interest Group) invited John Thorpe to lead one of their monthly webinars and took on the subject “Ever Considered Project Management as a Career?” aimed at non-practitioners working in other roles within the BCS membership and the general public as a whole.

The learning objectives of the session included:

  • An Introduction to the Project Management domain
  • Difference between Project Manager and Project Management
  • Why domain knowledge is a great advantage
  • Career Planning
  • Why PRINCE2 is not the only course of action.

The aim was to take the non-practitioners through a journey of understanding that would hopefully give them insights and door openers to a new and successful career in project management.

Below you can see a recording of the full webinar which lasts a whopping 1:30:54 minutes and is packed with insightful commentary, advice and tips, as well as a guest slot from Lindsay Scott who explores the career aspects.

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