2016 Project Management Benchmark Report

2016 Project Management Benchmark Report

Back for the eleventh year, the 2016 Project Management Benchmark Report from Arras People once again provides an independent survey into the lives and careers of Programme and Project Management practitioners in the UK and across the globe.

After 11 years of producing this research and seeing the changes that have happened in the domain, it is hard not to be drawn to the fact that project management is still an exciting and evolving practice. The fact that projects are still failing suggests that even with all the effort and time expended we are still searching for that magic bullet which will ensure we deliver. In some ways you would expect that project management as a profession would now be at the point where it was formalising the investments made in tools, methods and learning, but from this side of the table it feels that the opposite is happening, with fragmentation/disruption being the order of the day.

2016 PMO Benchmark Report

2016 PMO Benchmark Report

Working with PMO Flashmob the 2016 Project Management Benchmark data collected by Arras People has been cut to provide a unique insight into the specialism of PMO.

This 2016 PMO Benchmark Report  once again provides an independent window into the lives and careers of PMO Practitioners based in the UK taking a look at a wide variety of topics including;

Who PMO Practitioners Are; Who PMO Practitioners Work For; Permanent Employees (including salaries); Freelance and Contractors (including rates); Professional Development; The PMO; PMO Functions and Services; PMO Managers and PMO Support; PMO Thoughts and Challenges

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