2018 Project Management Snapshot Report

As late summer turned into autumn, a period which is traditionally seen as a point where many project management practitioners consider their position as part of the post-holiday blues, we thought it would be a great time to take a snapshot of the state of the UK project management market.

With many reports available about the wider UK market, painting what at times seemed to us a contradictory picture; we wanted to test these against the situation on the ground as experienced by actual UK based Project Management practitioners.

Some of the indicators available for the general market included;

  • UK unemployment at lowest since 1975
  • Vacancies being classified as “Hard to fill”, with half of the CIPD employers reporting that they have increased starting salaries to attract talent; with a growing number increasing pay to retain staff.
  • Overall pressure on pay is modest, with forecast’s suggesting that they expect to see an average 2.2% increase over next 12 months
  • Workers who switch jobs are capitalising on a “disloyalty bonus” as their colleagues who stay put see little growth; with workers moving in to new roles in the past year have achieved an average increase of 11%, compared to the average of 2.5%.

The 2018 Project Management Snapshot Report from Arras People provides an independent insight into the UK’s Project Management Domain based on responses from Programme and Project Management practitioners in the UK.

We hope you enjoy the report and find it a useful addition to help benchmark for the year ahead.


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