Project Management Live Presentations

Since Arras People was first founded in 2003 we have been invited to speak at many industry events and on webinars where we have been able to share our thoughts, experience and perspective on all things Project Management, as well as recruitment and PM careers.

For practitioners and those looking to break into Project Management as a career the recorded sessions captured below offer insights and advice that may prove invaluable. Much of what is covered is also written about in the PM Careers pages but for some the spoken word offers a better form of communication.

As such we have pulled them all together and through this page you can access them for FREE and all in one place.

Project Management as a Career

December 2020, John Thorpe presented the webinar “Ever Considered Project Management as a Career?”  for BCS PROMSG. Webinar is aimed at non PM Practitioners working in other roles within the BCS membership and the general public as a whole.

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Recruitment Realities in a Covid-19 World

July 2020, John Thorpe presented to the PMO Flashmob “Recruitment Realities in a Covid-19 World” which focusses on looking back at the 2008 recession and lessons we can learn from it, assessing the current situation, as well as making some predictions for the future as we hopefully continue to come out of lockdown.

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What am I Worth in the Current PM Market?

John explores market data and examines what the current market conditions could mean for you. He will draw on data including the 2019 Arras People PMBR to explore the latest trends in remuneration for practitioners working in both permanent and contract roles.

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Is it Really a Candidates Market?

In this video from October 2018 John discusses what a “candidates market actually is” and if it even exists. He looks through data collected from our snapshot survey to help paint a clearer picture of what that means for the PM domian.

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Understanding Your Value in the Project Management Market

At Project Challenge 2018 John shares insights from the latest challenges in the project management recruitment market and provides advice for those looking for a career change in project management.

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Understanding your Value in the PPM Market

In October 2017 John, the author of the Arras People Project Management Benchmark Report (PMBR) for the last 12 years, will be exploring the data from the Arras People report along with data published by other sources to offer practitioners a view on the UK market and what this means for you!

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Writing a Killer Project Management CV

If you’re a project management practitioner wanting to create a *killer* CV that helps you stand out in the crowd; increases your interview ratio and communicates effectively with hirers, check out the video (2014).

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