Candidate Portal – Frequently Asked Questions

The Arras People candidate portal is a flexible and easy to use facility which we introduced to support programme and project management practitioners in their job search.

The following are a collection of frequently asked questions which we have received about the portal.

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, or are experiencing any difficulties please contact us for further assistance


Why did you create the Arras Candidate portal?

It is our response to project management practitioner demands that they be in a position where they can proactively control the information provided to us as their circumstances change.

In return, Arras are able to provide a better project management recruitment and careers service that meets practitioner expectation.

What is the Arras Candidate portal?

The Arras People Candidate portal provides the following  main services to our project management practitioners:

  1. The ability to register your details and maintain them, including the storage of multiple CV’s which best reflect your skills, experience and knowledge.
  2. The ability to sign up for Email Job Alerts which meet your criteria be that based on employment type, role, sector or location.
  3. To apply for vacancies using pre-loaded information and view applications made.
Can I just apply from job boards where you advertise your PPM Roles?

Yes, you can apply from third party job boards and our system will upload your application.

Where you already have an account in the Arras People Candidate portal the details will be matched and the application recorded. If we have no record a BASIC account will be created which you may access at any time using your email address and a password which you will need to recover.

Can I use a phone or tablet?

Yes it is possible to register and/or apply for jobs from a tablet or portable device BUT you will need to have stored your CV beforehand in a cloud solution such as DropBox.

When the registration asks you to upload your CV you will need to connect to your account and select the relevant file to upload.

What is the “dashboard”?

The dashboard is your own personal home page from which you navigate to the different elements and services provided by the portal.

Dashboards will vary depending on which level of registration you have. Full registration providing the highest level of functionality and targeted news and offers.

A sample of the Full registrant dashboard is shown below:



What are the levels of registration?

Full registration account provides you with access to the full functionality of the portal including

  1. Current salary and day rate benchmarking against your role
  2. Current salary and day rate benchmarking against your role within your sector
  3. Access to exclusive offers and resources such as PMBR

Basic registration account provides you with the ability to set job alerts and apply for new roles using the data stored in your account

How much does it cost to register with Arras People?

Registration with Arras People is Free of Charge.

However it is not free of value to the PPM Practitioner who is interested in what is happening in the PPM Domain. As well as providing you feedback and data about the profession we are working with partners to provide special offers to those who create a Full Registration profile. Not forgetting to mention that we also search our database before advertising any role we are processing.

Can I still send you my CV?

No, we do not accept CV’s by email.

Emailed speculative CVs are never processed at Arras. If we are to offer you a quality service we need more than just a CV. All the data we collect about you helps in the review and grading process that we undertake when identifying practitioners for our clients.


What will you do with my data?

Arras People take data protection very seriously and as such will never release or share your details with any third party without your prior consent.

We will always discuss your interest and suitability for specific roles and gain your consent before submitting your details to a client.

We do aggregate some data such as day rates and salary levels to provide benchmarking data which is fed back to your dashboard but this never contains any data that is identifiable back to an individual

What happens if I forget my logon details?

As long as you can remember the email address that you have used in your account creation then you can request a password reminder using the “Forgot Password” link on the logon page. This will send a reset email to the email address you registered with.

If you can’t remember your email address give us a call and after some security checks we will help you reset your account.

Can I suspend job alerts?

Yes, on the job alerts set up page you can choose to Activate or Deactivate the emails that are sent to you.
This is a feature requested most often by contractors.
You can also change your preferences in job alerts at any time should your circumstances change.

Why would I want to store multiple CV’s?

Many project management practitioners have a wealth of experiences and skills that make them suitable for a range of roles. So rather than having a generic CV which leaves the reader to try and work out suitability, we encourage practitioners to tailor their CV’s to address markets and roles that they are interested in.

The portal will allow you to store a maximum of 5 CV’s which can then be used when applying for vacancies.

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