Why Register with Arras People?

Registering with Arras People through our Portal ensures that we have your full details available for consideration when we are looking for suitable candidates to fill our open project management job opportunities.

Not all jobs are advertised on the Arras People job board so registering with us puts you at an advantage as we always look at our Registered Candidates before going further afield. Creating a full registration is FREE and brings additional benefits to PPM practitioners as described below and in the FAQ’s.

If you prefer, you can also apply for open PPM roles from our job board which will create a Basic account, though you will miss out on the added benefits associated with a Full Registration.

Full Registration

Full Registration through the Arras People Portal enables you to create a comprehensive picture of your career to date and your aspirations moving forward.

The portal allows you to; update your details at anytime; store your CV’s; apply and track relevant roles and keep us updated with your availability.

In addition you will have access to current market rates by role and sector as well as content and offers not available on the general website.

Most importantly, we’ll be looking at your details before a new job is even advertised.

Register with Arras

Apply for Roles

All job applications must be made through the Arras People Portal so that our consultants can see that you are active.

Using either your Full Registration account or a Basic account (created the first time you apply) you will be able to apply, and track your interest.

Basic accounts can also select Job Alerts and be upgraded at any time to a Full Registration so that you can reap the added benefits of this status.


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