Arras People have managed an array of roles for organisations with an involvement in the utilities sector. From providing support personnel to industry regulators to feeding consultancies with an ongoing supply of experienced project managers, Arras People are keen to assist with your individual requirements.

Project Management Resources with Utilties Experience

Programmes and Projects within the Utilties Industry

Though the term utilities covers a vast number of organisations, disciplines and specialisms, Arras People have observed that certain industries within the sector are populated by a relatively small number of project staff. Contract re-tendering and the release pattern for tranches of work in industries such as Water and Nuclear tend to result in a pool of staff who move from organisation to organisation following work.

As such, you may be in a situation where you require fresh talent or you may have a bank of work on the horizon and keen to seek out the skilled personnel currently employed elsewhere.

Recruit Project Management Staff with Utilties Experience

Arras People has candidates registered with us looking for permanent and interim project management roles specifically within the utilities sector.

Project Management Candidates Available Today

Arras People has registered candidates looking for both permanent and interim roles, a significant proportion have skills and experience within the utilities sector. Contact Arras People today with your utilities project management recruitment requirement.

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Project Management Resources with Utilties Experience

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