Defence and commercial business use of IT since the 1950’s is one of the major contributors to the development of modern project management and techniques. PRINCE, originally conceived for IT Projects by the UK government, followed by PRINCE2, has been widely adopted as the de facto method for controlling projects. However, from the cost and time over runs and issues with IT project management there is still a lot to achieve.

Project Management Resources with IT Experience

Within IT there are a number of different types of IT project manager, the nature of your project and operating environment will likely dictate the skills and experience required and when.

Technical Project Managers – these are specialists, experts at say ensuring your SAP requirements planning or contact centre is implemented. Often these I.T Project Managers are leading experts in their subject area and likely to be quite hands on, very knowledgeable about the products and the companies that supply them.

The second type of IT Project Manger is someone who is quite hands off, used to working with a number of groups and teams to ensure the business gets what it needs from the company’s IT developments. This is likely someone who is very good at influencing to ensure change is accepted and have the resources required to get the job done. It may seem like this person is endlessly talking with people. They will be ascertaining status and reporting both good and bad news while searching for solutions to problems. These IT Project Managers are likely more technically aware than they admit or like to be known. They are skilled at knowing when and how to ask the hard questions and gain insight into the challenges that the implementers on respective projects are facing. The projects they generally work often are not well conceived, and they will be encountering constant change in requirements budget, and quality of deliverables. A key ability is to live with ambiguity whilst striving to gain structure and control.


Development Project Managers (or Development IT Project Managers) – another breed; those that work with in the application development getting code written and tested to do what it says on the box, ensuring regression testing and unit testing are done and possibly managing the delivery of a version while another is being developed and yet another initiated. Project Management is an important part of many change programmes and projects. We still have a lot to learn about scoping projects that involve IT to provide business change and benefits.

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Arras People has candidates registered with us looking for permanent and interim IT project management roles.

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Arras People has registered IT project management candidates looking for both permanent and interim roles, a significant proportion have skills and experience within the information technology business function and within IT organisations.

  • Candidates registered with APM & PRINCE2 qualifications supported by specific IT project management training

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Project Management Resources with IT Experience

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