From Relief & Development, Social & Community, Environmental & Health, Ethnic to Heritage – Charities and Voluntary organisations throughout the UK cover a wide range of needs and causes.

Arras People work with organisations to find the most cost effective solution to recruiting your permanent or interim project management resources; project management recruitment solutions within this sector don’t have to be expensive.

Project Management Resources with Third Sector Experience

Programmes and Projects within the Third Sector

New programmes and projects benefit enormously from a skilled programme or project manager with specific experience in kicking off new initiatives. Managers with specific skills in planning, team management, delivery, budget management and – most importantly – sharing the core values and commitment to make changes happen.

Project Co-ordinators (Project Support Workers) provide support and guidance in programmes of work through specific skills in report writing, workshops, development and promotion of specific project deliverables and again a strong commitment to delivering the core values. Project Co-ordinators can also co-ordinate busy offices where strong organisational skills and administrative flair are needed to keep things moving. Project Management professionals with specific charity sector backgrounds can not only provide you with the leadership for strategic planning and project delivery but can also have a multitude of skills in areas such as PR, fundraising, networking, accountancy or training which complement the sector.

Project Management professionals with specific not-for-profit and charity sector backgrounds may also be needed to implement core business functions for example, new and updated systems to ensure the smoother running of a particular part of your organisation (accounts package or a new CRM system). Employing or contracting a Project Manager with a specific background, personality and cultural fit can make the difference between a successful project or a failure.


Recruit Project Management Staff with Third Sector Experience

Arras People has candidates registered with us looking for permanent and interim project management roles specifically within the third sector.

Candidate Overviews

  • Social Research projects
  • Organisational policies, sponsor objectives and client needs management
  • Fundraising events management
  • Communications programmes and project management
  • Contact / call centre management
  • Political based projects in the field – electoral activities management
  • Retail project management – implementing retail strategies
  • Marketing and PR project management
  • Qualitative and quantitative research methodologies
  • Minority communities, equality and diversity issues
  • Community consultation and participation in regeneration schemes, employment and housing needs, partnership working, asylum and international migration
  • Project feasibility, evaluation and programme evaluation
  • Youth community projects


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Project Management Resources with Third Sector Experience

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