Working with you, the team at Arras People can bring valuable knowledge and experience to your recruitment process including:

  1. Sharing our understanding of programme and project management language and how your requirement translates to the open market.
  2. An understanding of the opportunity cost associated with not being able to find suitable programme and project management resource, including the pressures of ‘cost to hire’ and ‘time to hire’.
  3. An ability to ‘see the wood for the trees’ in a world where everyone is a project manager.
  4. Finding suitable programme and project management practitioners for those hard to fill roles.
  5. Providing you with access to our unique programme and project management Talent pool.
  6. Sharing unique market insights, reports and data.
  7. Working with you to protect your organisations brand.

Find out more about how the Arras People team can hep your Project Management recruitment below:

The Evolving Project Management Landscape

Over the years we have seen major changes within the programme and project management domain as ‘Project Management’ has developed and evolved from being predominantly IT/Construction/Engineering focussed to the omnipresence that it has today.

Like all domains PPM has evolved and new methods and philosophies such as Agile project management have been deployed. At the same time the use of technology has exploded and pushed many digital projects to the fore. All this is wrapped in project management language, which it is important to understand if you are going to have an effective recruitment campaign.

Over the years we have helped many organisations translate their own language to that used in the marketplace, thus ensuring their needs and offer are understood by the talent they are looking to attract.

Opportunity Cost of Unsuccessful Recruitment

Programme and project management practitioners are employed or engaged by organisations because their work is bases on implementing change which will impact the bottom line, impacting profitability or cost. As such, we believe the ‘opportunity cost’ should always be considered during the project management recruitment process. Time to hire is crucial, waiting six months to find a practitioner can be as damaging as placing the wrong person in the first week.

Our aim is to work with you to place the right practitioner, first time; within the agreed time and cost constraints so that you can get on with delivering the value your organisation expects.

Everyone is a Project Manager

In today’s world project management is ubiquitous and as a consequence the number of people who now call themselves “project managers” has increased exponentially. As a consequence it can become much harder to ‘see the wood for the trees’ during the recruitment process. We would not argue, in many ways it is true, we are all project managers but the spread of skill and capability is massive and that again is where our expertise can help.

It is important to have a clear picture of what you need; Project Co-ordinator, PMO Analyst, Project Controller, Project Manager, Programme Co-ordinator, Programme manager, PMO Manager, Portfolio Manager are some of the common job titles that we see. Then comes the domain which may add a descriptor to the title; IT Project Manager, SAP Project Manager, Digital Project Manager, Agile Project Manager. Add the level of experience, which again may be specific to a domain or even a specific area of expertise; NHS Project Manager, Operational redesign Programme Manager. Another level of requirement may be accreditation with many looking for candidates with say PRINCE2, or APM or PMI or Agile or Scrum or Six Sigma certification.

The combinations are endless, and so are the numbers of candidates who may apply for your open role. The Arras People process will not only drive clarity into what kind of resource you really need but then filter out the unsuitable candidates so we can concentrate on those who potentially meet the mark.

Just asking for someone, with say, PRINCE2 is not an effective differentiator any more, as there are over half a million people with this level of accreditation!

Hard to Fill Programme and Project Management Roles

The team at Arras has a demonstrable talent for finding candidates who are suitable for those difficult to fill roles. In fact many of our new clients come to us when they have tried and exhausted all their usual methods of finding new talent. Others keep coming back because they know that we will deliver a quality service in a timely manner for a reasonable reward.

Hard to fill jobs are the ultimate challenge for the team where we can deploy all of our skills and experience to deliver results. Supported by our processes and tools we can explore the nature of the challenge with you, so that we have a clear understanding of the history associated with the search. Our experience then kicks in to explore the options; typically we are able to contextualise the requirement in terms of the organisations aims and then focus our search to deliver the key attributes that are required.

Our ability to offer an outsider’s view is crucial in these circumstances; by carefully exploring the requirements from both the business and functional aspects we can build a profile that has clarity. Combining this with the information extracted from previous campaigns we can then ensure that we are searching in the right talent pool for suitable candidates.

Unique Programme and Project Management Talent Pool

In the ongoing efforts to reduce business cost many organisations have moved to RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) or internal recruitment teams; LinkedIn and Job Boards have become their favourite talent pools and as such organisations have unwittingly narrowed the pool of talent who are aware of their recruitment campaigns.

Whilst this may work for some roles, the biggest issue clients find is that they are fishing in the same pool as their competitor’s; missing out on the real talent who are typically passive, not actively looking but at the same time open to change if the right opportunity were to arise.

At Arras People we have always recognised this fact and have invested heavily in building our own talent pool, which includes a high percentage of passive project management practitioners.

The Arras People talent pool can be accessed through our recruitment services or alternatively by paying for your job advert to be displayed on the Arras People job board. We have thousands of followers and subscribers who are all interested in what you have to offer as the next step in their project management career.

Programme and Project Management Market Insights and Reports

Over the years Arras People have developed a reputation in the project management domain as being more than just a recruiter.

As well as contributing to the advancement of the project management domain through interactions with the APM, PMI and other professional bodies we have developed and delivered the Arras People Project Management Benchmark Report which paints an annual picture of what is happening in the project management domain.

This along with other market data which we can extract from our candidate database gives us a great picture of what is happening in the programme and project management marketplace.

Protecting your Employer Brand in the Marketplace

In todays connected, social media driven world the protection of your organisations brand has never been more important. A badly executed recruitment process leaves your organisation and its brand open to candidates who feel unhappy sharing their views with the wider world.

Recruitment is famous for its ‘black holes’ into which candidates are sucked, never to be seen or heard from again. Arras People on the other hand have a reputation for treating candidates with the respect they deserve.

What Organisations Look for in a Project Management Candidate

Through the Arras People Project Management Benchmark Report (PMBR) we have asked over a number of years what it is that is important to those involved in the recruitment of project management practitioners.

As can be seen in the figure to the right, the hierachy of requirements relects the doing nature of the roles in the project management family of job roles. At the top of the pile is ‘Project Management Experience’ followed by the practitioners ‘Personality / Style’ and then their relevant ‘Domain / Sector Experience’. These three elements are then followed by ‘Project management Accreditation’ and finally ‘Formal Education’.

Whilst the Education and Accreditation elements are generally easy to identify in a CV or by key word searching software; Arras People have the skills and process that allow us to identify the critical combination of Project Management Experience, Personality / Style and Domain/Sector experience which can easily be missed if CV’s are screened by an untrained eye.

Our experience and research suggest that most CV’s do not sell a project management practitioners true capability, manys CV’s are poorly written and have gaps that no AI or key word searching system can resolve.

Our skill and value is in reading CV’s and talking to project management practitioners to identify their true capability; this means that talent is not overlooked and missed in the recruitment process giving you access to project management practitioners that others fail to spot.

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