Branded project management job advertising using the Arras People job board to reach to reach your target audience.

The Arras People project management job board is an unique advertising proposition for your Programme and Project Management jobs.

Recognising that not everyone will require our full project management recruitment services, we offer clients the opportunity to post their fully branded project management job advertisements on our job board. The adverts can be live within hours of your enquiry, will give immediate visibility of your role to our registered candidates and be highlighted though Arras People’s extended social media network.

Starting at only £350 per week, the Arras People project management job board is both cost effective and time efficient when you need to advertise your project management jobs and attract project management professionals to your brand.

No waiting for the next publication date or hoping that somebody relevant sees your advert; you will have immediate access to our talent pool of project management practitioners, which crucially includes many professionals who are “not active” in the current job market.

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Project Management Job Advertisement


Why use the Arras Branded PM Job Advert?

Target our PM Talent Pool

In the current marketplace can you afford to waste time, energy and money on advertising which you hope will attract the best talent to your open project management roles? Finding the right PM talent can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of a targeted audience of project management practitioners?

What does it include?

  • Access to your target audience
  • Prominent display of your vacancy on The Arras Project Management Job Board
  • Inclusion of your Company Logo in the advert
  • Email notification to candidates registered for Arras People job alerts
  • Distribution through social media channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Applications routed to your nominated email address or a landing page on your own web site


    Our service is simple

    Place your project management roles directly in front of your target audience.

    Arras People are 100% focused on project management and with hundreds of visitors everyday you know your advertisement will be viewed by the very people you’re looking to recruit.

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    Project Management Recruitment Across the UK and Beyond

    PM Recruitment

    One of the lessons the team at Arras People have learned over the years is that Programme and Project Management has a vast array of titles, many of which have different meanings depending upon the organisation, the sector or even the individual looking to hire.
    People easily confuse the terms 'Project Management' and 'Project Manager' let alone the vast number of roles that live within the broad church of Project management.

    How we work

    Arras People provides its programme and project management recruitment services to a wide variety of business functions which can be found within most organisations today.
    As a team, Arras have a wide experience of business operations. Combining that with solid programme and project management knowledge, we can offer a holistic view of the marketplace when dealing with your requirements.

    PM Market Data

    How much do I need to pay? Because programme and project management is such a broad church, salary levels and day rates for contractors vary greatly. As such key variables such as experience, sector and function need to be considered when formulating average and actual salaries and day rates for project management practitioners across all role types. We can help with our insider view of what is happening across the PM market.

    Open Positions

    Project Management Recruitment Specialists

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