Our focus is simple, supply the best candidates available to fulfil the open programme and project management role be that Permanent, Fixed Term, Contract or Interim.

The aim of the Arras People team has always been to provide our Clients and just as importantly our Candidates a refreshingly different approach to the recruitment process.

Why? Our own poor experiences when looking to hire programme and project management practitioners when working in the field and the times we were looking to find a new appointment.

To change that it was decided that consultants at Arras People should have prior experience in the field of programme and project management. After all we do need to be able to speak to both clients and candidates in project management language if we are to be successful in supplying people rather than just CV’s!  You also benefit because we run all our assignments as a project.

Hardened recruitment consultant sales people we’re not! All our rates and agreements are provided upfront leaving you to decide your next step, without feeling pushed, coerced or hounded!

Our clients tell us Arras People is good at, providing them with a shortlist of screened candidates who fit their project management requirements – this means you won’t receive a mountain of CVs scanned for keywords, but thoroughly screened candidates.

We do this by:

  • Working collaboratively with you to understand the programme and project objectives within your organisation and the role you are looking to fill
  • Learning about your organisation’s project culture
  • Understanding the structures, processes and tools you use
  • Gathering information about your organisation’s ethos and culture and the people you attract
  • Attracting and maintaining a good selection of qualified and skilled project management professionals

    Read more about the experience of working with Arras People below;

    You Get Access to Dedicated Project Management Consultants

    Arras People is the only project management recruitment business in the UK which has a dedicated team of project management practitioners delivering programme management & project management recruitment services.

    Using experienced programme & project management practitioners as your recruitment consultants means we bring all our experience to the table when we work with you on any assignment. Our thorough process ensures that we fully understand your organisations needs before we commence the search process.

    Our promise is to put forward only carefully selected project management candidates who we believe have the capability and desire to join your organisation. All proposed candidates are pre-screened so you will have quality rather than quantity on your shortlist.  You can then interview candidates for their attitude, as well as skills, to ensure the perfect cultural fit within your organization.

    All our project management recruitment consultants understand the theory and reality of project management in the marketplace today and using an experienced practitioner enables us to understand your requirement fully – your organisation – your projects – and ultimately the type of project management resource you’re looking for. If you are not sure, we will work with you to develop the requirement using our experience and the ability to benchmark against similar organisations.

    The original, best and much copied model of using experienced practitioners to recruit your next employee or contractor has made Arras People a leader in our field.

    We’re still the only project management recruitment business 100% dedicated to using this model.

    100% Focus as Specialist Project Management Recruiters

    Arras People has over a 15 years of experience in successfully recruiting a wide range of programme and project management staff for clients across multiple sectors in the UK, Europe and the US.

    Working across the global geography for more than a decade and a half, Arras People have successfully completed assignments for a wide portfolio of clients taking in most sectors, functions and industries, helping a vast variety of entities meet growing project and programme management demands.

    Successful placements have been made for Permanent, Interim, Contract and Temporary project management professionals. Over this time we have used our project management experience and recruitment knowledge to bring together two industry best practice models to ensure we deliver a unique specialist recruitment service.

    In recruitment, all our standards, processes and legal requirements are to the industry standards and we are accreditted to ISO 9001. As a business we pro-actively maintain these standards and invest in our people, systems and technology to ensure they are applied.

    We have also developed our own project management recruitment lifecycle and associated templates and tools. It follows the basic principles of best practice project management – good requirements gathering, planning, monitoring, reporting and successful delivery. Most importantly it is focused on customer satisfaction.

    Arras People are the only recruitment consultancy in the UK who are focused on purely on project management recruitment; some of our “competitors” combine other project management services like training and software, thus diluting their focus and offerings.

    We Love Filling Those Hard to Fill Project Management Jobs

    The team at Arras has a demonstrable talent for finding candidates who are suitable for those difficult to fill project managenment jobs.

    Many of our new clients come to us when they have tried and exhausted all their usual methods of finding new talent.

    Others keep coming back because they know that we will deliver a quality service in a timely manner for a reasonable reward.

    Hard to fill project management jobs are the ultimate challenge for the team, where we can deploy all of our skills and experience to deliver results. Supported by our processes and tools we can explore the nature of the challenge with the client, so that we have a clear understanding of the history associated with the search.

    Our experience then kicks in to explore the options; typically we are able to contextualise the requirement in terms of the organisations aims and then focus our search to deliver the key attributes that are required.

    Our ability to offer an outsider’s view is crucial in these circumstances; by carefully exploring the requirements from both the business and functional aspects we can build a profile that has clarity. Combining this with the information extracted from previous campaigns we can then ensure that we are searching in the right talent pool for suitable candidates.

    You Get Access to Our Unique Project Management Talent Pool

    Arras can give you access to our unique talent pool of Programme and Project Management Professionals which we have invested in and developed over the last decade and a half. We believe it is unrivalled in the UK.

    As a business Arras People have always believed that Candidates are our clients and as a group they demand our respect in whatever we do. This may seem a common sense statement, but our own experiences and those of others that we speak to suggest that it is not the norm within recruitment!

    As a company we are passionate about Project Management and proactively maintain our links with the project management community. We have strong links to both the APM and PMI and have specialist interest in the PMO function. We are regular attendees / speakers at Project Management conferences, Project Management exhibitions and Project Management networking events across the UK and Europe.

    We are constantly keeping our project management pipeline of talent topped up through all our promotional work within the project management community. Most importantly we are fostering relationships with project management practitioners who are “passive” in the job market, rather than just those who are actively looking for their next opportunity. Passive candidates are the hardest to find as they do not post their CV on the common job boards, and other social media channels such as LinkedIn.

    Monthly newsletters;  our annual project management report; our popular project management blog; Twitter; LinkedIn; Facebook; speaker and authorship engagements, all of these gives us an interaction with a large talented pool of project management professionals.

    Your opportunity, when you engage Arras People is access to this talent pool of focused professionals. To use a fisherman’s analogy, you will be fishing in the right pool!

    We Offer Cost Effective Project Management Recruitment Services

    We are an easy company to do business with, offering our clients a high quality, cost effective, risk free recruitment service through our no win / no fee approach.

    From day one our philosophy of  “treat people as you would like to be treated yourself” has meant we’ve enjoyed really excellent, mutually-rewarding relationships with many clients over the past decade. The customer (Clients and Candidates) are our focus and our systems and processes are built to support us working in this manner.

    We have always made it a priority to cut through layers of management and unrealistic processes that can make dealing with so many businesses today so frustrating. Every member of our team is trained to put you, our client, above everything else they do, on a daily basis.

    Arras People offers a risk-free approach to recruitment – you don’t pay for our services until we find the right person for you. Our fees are highly competitive for the high level of service we offer.

    Were Different and Project Management Practitioners Love What We Do!

    It’s important at Arras People that we have two sets of clients to take care of. Respect is at the heart of what we do

    We treat people the in a way that we would want to be treated ourselves and we also know that job hunting can often be a miserable business – that’s why we take the time to help our candidates through the process wherever we can.

    By holding regular project management careers clinics we are able to offer advice out of the hours of work in areas such as project management skills development and training. The clinics are an ideal way for our candidates seek out 1-2-1 advice on their own personal circumstances.

    During the recruitment process we keep people informed of their applications (we acknowledge and respond to every single person – yes really!) and keep in regular contact through our monthly project management newsletters.

    We don’t want to be like other recruitment agencies and luckily our candidates agree:

    ‘Most other recruitment agencies I have dealt with do not have a firm grasp on what the client is looking for and instead just churn out the job description word-for-word. The recruitment consultant had a good idea of the role and was in a position to judge my suitability for it rather than just acting as a middleman for CVs. The recruitment consultant is the most informed consultant I have dealt with.’

    ‘I have to admit that my previous experience of recruitment agencies has been disappointing. This said, your help and cooperation in providing information promptly and giving helpful feedback has been outstanding and is greatly appreciated.’

    Don’t just take our word for it, we really do value our project management candidates!

    Arras People - 100% focused on project management recruitment

    Advertise your PM Role

    We understand that many organisations do not want full recruitment services as they have in house teams to do that job. However, access to new project management talent is always a challenge, which is why we offer clients the option to advertise your open roles on the Arras People Job Board.

    PM Market Data

    How much do I need to pay? Because programme and project management is such a broad church, salary levels and day rates for contractors vary greatly. As such key variables such as experience, sector and function need to be considered when formulating average and actual salaries and day rates for project management practitioners across all role types. We can help with our insider view of what is happening across the PM market.

    PM Sectors

    Arras People provides programme and project management recruitment services across a wide variety of vertical markets stretching from Charities and Not for Profit to Central Government and the Banking and Financial services sector, all of which present their unique differences and challenges.

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