Client Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the typical questions asked by other organisations when looking to recruit project management practitioners.

Please note that if you can’t find the answer you require, please pick up the phone or use the contact form

What types of workers can you help us recruit?

Arras People can work with you to provide project management recruitment services across a whole range of engagement methods. If you are not sure what would be best, we are more than happy to work with you to identify the most appropriate solution for your organisation.

Permanent – We provide permanent recruitment services where we will pre-screen and supply suitable candidates who will become your employee (PAYE). Our fees are based upon an agreed percentage of the first year’s remuneration package and have a 3 month rebate period.

Fixed Term (Permanent) – We provide fixed term recruitment services where we will pre-screen and supply suitable candidates who will become your employee (PAYE) for a fixed period of time. Our fees are based upon an agreed percentage of the first year’s remuneration package which is applied pro-rata for the period of hire up to a maximum of 12 months.

Contract / Freelance (PSC) – We provide Contract recruitment services where we will pre-screen and supply suitable candidates who run their own Limited Company (PSC) and are engaged on a day rate. This would be subject to IR35 Off payroll working regulations.

Contract / Freelance (Umbrella Company) – We provide Contract recruitment services where we will pre-screen and supply suitable candidates who operate through an Umbrella Company and are engaged on a day rate. This may be relevant where a role has been deemed as inside IR35 and thus is subject to the same deductions as a PAYE worker. In this scenario the assignment will also be subject to AWR (Agency Worker Regulations).

Temporary – We DO NOT provide services to supply hourly paid Temporary Workers (Agency Workers) unless you are happy for then to be supplied via and Umbrella Company.

How much do you charge for your services?

How much do you want to pay?

Our experience of the market tells us that ultimately the charges we make need to be competitive and offer our clients value for money. Whilst at the same time they also need to recognise the value that the Arras People team bring to the table.

At point of use, there is NO CHARGE. 

We will only invoice you if we are SUCCESSFUL in introducing the right candidate to fill your open position. Our charges will vary depending upon the circumstances, taking into consideration the variables that each opportunity brings.

When pricing we consider elements such as;

  • How many people do you require?
  • What is the duration of assignment? (if not Permanent)
  • What is the potential for repeat business?
  • Will we be added to the PSL?
  • Are you a Charity?

Our aim is to get a fair fee for the work we undertake and then the ongoing opportunity to work with you.

Typical Fees Structures are:

  • Permanent Fee – is an agreed percentage of the first year remuneration.
  • Fixed Term PAYE Fee – is an agreed percentage of the first year remuneration, pro-rata to the duration to a maximum of 12 months. (minimum Charge may apply)
  • Contractor Fee – may be a finders fee which reflects a fair margin on the days to be delivered or an agreed day rate for days delivered which includes our margin.

Whatever your requirement please pick up the phone (01706 366444) or use the quick form and we can discuss your requirements.

What's the best way to contact you with a requirement I have?

The best way to contact us with your requirement is on the telephone.

If you call 00706 366444 one of the team will take your requirements and commence the process of enagegement.

Alternatively you can use the contact form to provide us with your details so that we can call you back.

Whichever method you use, rest assured that we will respond quickly and efficiently, after all we believe that first impressions really count!

Why should I use a specialist recruitment agency for my roles?

Arras People was established in 2002 as a niche programme and project management resourcing services company because we understood the frustrations associated with gaining access to and engaging the best project management professionals.

Our own experience told us that generalist recruitment practices have their part to play, but when it came to specialist recruitment they didn’t have the knowledge base to provide the required level of service.

Hence, we were at the end of a CV processing machine, providing keyword-matched CVs without any context to the role on offer. In the words of our founding director John Thorpe: “I always felt that I was paying for a service which had no intellectual value, I had masses of CVs to process and a large bill to pay at the end”.

As a consequence of our experiences, it is a pre-requisite that all the consultants at Arras People have experience and knowledge of the project management domain. Their experience in the field, working in roles such as programme manager, project manager, project office manager and project co-ordination means they have a deep empathy and understanding of both Client and Candidate needs and can therefore act as a value added broker during the process.

This experience allows us to work with you to really understand the roles you are recruiting for – and if necessary to help in the generation of a suitable job specification. By understanding your requirements and the specifics of your environment we are able to apply our domain knowledge to the task of preparing a candidate shortlist which is “optimised” to your requirement.

Our aim is to provide a shortlist of people who can all perform the role, your task is to select the person who you believe to be the best fit for your environment. We call this “knowledge-based recruitment™”. Our aim is to provide Quality rather than Quantity as we recognise that you also have a job to do.

Feedback from our clients has shown that this is a differentiator which eases the workload associated with the recruitment process.

How is Arras People different to other recruitment agencies?

Feedback from our existing clients suggests that Arras People provides a diferrent service than is generally the norm in recruitment. Specifically:

  • Focus!  No compromises, Arras People specialises and focuses 100% on project management related recruitment services. With no distractions, the team are completely focussed on finding the right people to fill your open roles.
  • Quality of Service  When Arras People started in 2002, our aim was to deliver a different level of service to that we had experienced when working with generalist recruiters. We saw the opportunity to deliver a different level of service with increased quality and commitment to both clients and candidates. These are our main objectives, guiding beliefs and something our clients and candidates tell us we are achieving and have continued to improve from day one.
  • Respect  Arras People works on the principle of “treating others as we would expected to be treated ourselves” and respect is a big part of what we do. Both Clients and Candidates deserve our respect in everything we do and our experiences as practising project managers convinced us that good communication is a fundamental element in achieving this along with openness and honesty.
  • Quality not Quantity  Arras People are not in the business of supplying CVs: We are in the business of supplying screened candidates who we believe are suitable for your open roles. This departure from the norm means that you spend less time reviewing CVs which are potentially inappropriate and after all, this is what you are paying us to do.
How does Arras People attract the best project professionals?

Arras People attracts programme and project management professionals into our talent pool every day due to our unique position in the marketplace.

As a “Project Management Company who offer recruitment services” rather than just a recruitment company we have different values, interests and drivers than our competitors. We have an active commitment to the field of project management on a professional level, working with the professional bodies who set the standards and practitioners to further the profession.

Our position gives us access to a diverse family of project practitioners and those looking to join this challenging line of work. Regular communication is maintained through our monthly webzine Project Management Tipoffs which has over 15,000 registered subscribers and our blog How to Manage a Camel which offers topical information to the project management community.

The annual Arras People Project Management Benchmark Report which has been published since 2006 is recognised as having its finger on the PPM pulse offering a unbiased picture of the UK market, trends and remuneration.

As well as the professional network we also use more traditional activities to attract new candidates including:

  • The Arras People Job Board
  • Registering project management professionals through our web site
  • External job boards
  • Infomercials in trade magazines
What happens after I've contacted you with a requirement?

Based upon your requirement, we will allocate the Arras People consultant who is best positioned to deliver against your needs; this person will become your point of contact throughout the whole process.

If you have multiple roles, we will appoint a primary Arras People consultant who will manage the relationship with you and should there be the need, co-ordinate the activities of the recruiters looking after the individual roles.

Because our approach is pragmatic it does not matter whether the recruitment process takes half a day, a week or more; by applying the same principles we ensure that a quality process is used to deliver the highest calibre candidates to fill your open roles be they permanent, fixed term, contract or interim.

Can Arras People help me create a job or role specification?

Yes we can.

All our consultants have years of experience in producing high quality role specifications enabled by their having worked in the field of project management prior to joining Arras People.

As Arras People is a specialist in project management our research has shown that producing a high quality specification for a role increases the chances dramatically of successfully finding the right person for the role.

Candidates react well to a clear and well crafted role description which defines the role, the responsibilities and the skills required in “market language rather than internal jargon“.

Our research also suggests that a package should be clearly stated, terms such as “Market Rate” or “Circa” deter candidates from applying for roles as it provides negative connotations about the hiring company.

By using our skills and experience Arras People can work with you to create a specification from scratch if required or advise how it may be tailored to attract maximum interest from external candidates.

Will I have just one point of contact at Arras People?

The simple answer is Yes.

From your initial contact with Arras People you will be assigned a consultant who is a specialist in the role you are recruiting for. If you’re looking for a Project Manager, your consultant will be an experienced Project Manager, if the role is Project Support related your consultant will be an experienced Project Co-ordinator or Project Office Manager.

Should you be looking for multiple hires across different specialisations we will always name a lead consultant who takes responsibility for the relationship with you. That consultant will be your primary contact for the whole process and will transparently manage any other consultants required during the process of finding suitable candidates.

As part of our process we feel it is crucial that the consultant has the opportunity to discuss the role with you so that they have a clear understanding of the role. This relationship also allows expectations to be agreed and set for the process. Our experience tells us that the best results occur when working in this manner.

Once a relationship has built that consultant will be your point of contact and be ready to help you as future requirements occur. This saves time and cost as they will by that point have a thorough understanding of your business and how we best operate together.

We have a PSL in operation for resourcing, how can I use Arras People?

Over the years we have worked with many organisations in both the Public and Private sector where a Preferred Supplier List (PSL) or Framework Agreement is in place for recruitment Services which does not include Arras People.

The typical scenario is that we get approached by people in the businesses who are struggling to find suitable candidates through their normal (given) recruitment partners. They recognise the value of using a niche supplier such as Arras People when looking for Programme and Project professionals. But their procurement department has limited the choice of recruitment partners which they are allowed to work with.

In this situation we always suggest that authority to work with Arras People is sought before the recruitment process is initiated. This may require us speaking to your incumbent supplier, your commercial team or your purchasing department so that agreement can be reached on commercial terms. We are happy to work with you to justify why Arras People should be engaged and the value we bring to the table and have prior experience which we can use to build a solid business case.

In the Public sector this can sometimes be made to seem impossible as OJEC rules and PSL’s and frameworks always come into play. These are not show stoppers! It is possible to procure our services as the value is generally below the OJEC (and internally set)  limits for competitive tendering.

Another typical scenario in both Public and Private sectors is where the recruitment process has been outsourced to a 3rd party who act as the processing agent for all requirements. Again this is a scenario where we have experience and are able to work as a second tier supplier. Arras People have worked with a number of such organisations such as Capita, Reed, Hays, Spring, Manpower and Eden Brown where by we acted as a second tier supplier to them for niche positions. You can contact us directly or ask your service representative to contact us on your behalf; either way you should see a seamless service through your level 1 supplier.

Whatever the scenario, if you need the best candidates give us a call on 01706 366444 so we can discuss your situation and ways to open the door.

Arras People here to help with Project Management Recruitment challenges

PM Market Data

How much do I need to pay? Because programme and project management is such a broad church, salary levels and day rates for contractors vary greatly. As such key variables such as experience, sector and function need to be considered when formulating average and actual salaries and day rates for project management practitioners across all role types. We can help with our insider view of what is happening across the PM market.

Advertise your PM Role

We understand that many organisations do not want full recruitment services as they have in house teams to do that job. However, access to new project management talent is always a challenge, which is why we offer clients the option to advertise your open roles on the Arras People Job Board.

Specialist PM Recruitment

One of the lessons the team at Arras People have learned over the years is that Programme and Project Management has a vast array of titles, many of which have different meanings depending upon the organisation, the sector or even the individual looking to hire.
People easily confuse the terms 'Project Management' and 'Project Manager' let alone the vast number of roles that live within the broad church of Project management.

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Project Management Recruitment Specialists

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