Arras People’s project management recruitment method follows a lifecycle method – just like project management!

Arras have two simple aims for our recruitment business – to find the right candidate for each client requirement whlist ensuring that candidates are treated with honesty, respect and transparency throughout the whole process.

Being honest, transparent and open in all our interactions, throughout the project management recruitment process is important to us, as it enables us to build effective relationships based on trust and respect.

Our project management recruitment process gives an insight into how we do the job whilst aiming to keep both sets of our clients happy; that’s you, the employing organisation and all of our project management candidates.

01. Initiation:

From first contact, be that by telephone or electronic communication; based on your requirement, we assign the most appropriate recruitment consultant who will be your contact until the assignment is completed.

The first steps are all about information gathering and ensuring we receive whatever job specification you have available to share. We will also agree terms of business at this point so that we both understand the rules of engagement, be that a contractor or a permanent placement. Most importantly we will understand your timescales so that the required pace can be applied to the process of getting an appropriate project management practitioner in place.

02. Planning:

Having got the basics in place we use the planning phase to get to the details of your requirement. Ideally you will have shared whatever job / person specification you have and we can then drill into the detail. Don’t worry if you do not have a job description available, our recruitment consultants are happy to work with you to understand the role profile and an appropriate selection criteria.

Detailed brief– The recruitment consultant will then look to understand the finer details of a job and ideally speak to the hiring manager. No disrespect to HR, but we find that by talking to the hiring manager we get better results as they will generally verbally share the nuances and subtleties of the role which do not always translate to paper. We look for the key drivers, the ways of working and organisational ethos, the personality and softer skills needed in order to be successful in the role. All these details help us to identify the right talent for your organisation and allow us to give candidates a fuller picture of the project management role on offer.

Timescales and Process– At this point we also look to understand the hiring process and the timeline to which we will be working. It may be a single interview, sometimes three or even an assessment centre, whatever the case we need to understand so that we can plan and manage expectations throughout the process with the candidates. A clear timescale and process can help avoid those common recruitment frustrations which can reflect poorly on the hiring organisation and turn off great candidates from your opportunities.

03. Selection:

Having got the basics in place and a clear understanding of your requirements we commence our selection phase. This is where we earn our corn, as we undertake the activities that aim to find the appropriate project management talent to fill your role. We will write about the role and advertise it on the Arras People project management job board, where appropriate we will also distribute it through both online (job boards, social media etc) and offline (networking groups, press etc) channels to attract candidates. As well as new candidate attraction we will also search our own candidate database of project management candidates who are registered with us – this unique pool of talent is where a high percentage of our placed project management candidates originate from.

One-to-One interview – After screening candidates who have expressed an interest and inviting those we find in our database, we undertake a detailed screening interview with each potential candidate. This screening typically take 30 to 45 minutes and allows us to understand their suitability for your role and also to share with them the challenges and opportunity it offers to them. We will never share a candidates details with you without carrying out this interview – this works for both parties and again, cuts down on the chances of frustration down the line.

04. Delivery:

Shortlisting– Following our one-to-one screening interviews, we will decide which project management candidates to shortlist to you, typically this is never more than 4. The consultant will prepare a Profile & CV for those who are to be presented. The profile includes personal details such as availability, remuneration expectations and availability to start, along with the consultants’ observations and reasons for submission. This should paint a picture of the candidate to supplement their CV which may not always highlight skills and experiences that are relevant to your opportunity.

Selected candidate profiles would be sent en bloc or individually as identified, this would have been previously agreed. Where required this may also include any relevant application form or screening responses that you have requested.

Interview management– Once you have reviewed the submitted candidates we will be available for any clarification requests and to take your feedback. We will then support you and the candidates through the interview process to ensure that this phase runs as smoothly as possible. Candidates will be booked into interview slots, briefed and prepared for the meetings. They will also be made aware of any pre-work such as presentations that are necessary to meet your process.

05. Support:

Having identified your preferred project management candidate we form the communication bridge to support you through the offer and on-boarding process. The hard work may appear to be done, but our experience tells us that this is a critical phase to convert all the expended effort into the final result where the practitioner turns up to start their new assignment.

For permanent placements we work to support you as you drive your offer and on-boarding process through pre-employment screening, final offer and start. Once your new employee has started, your consultant will be available in the background should you need any further assistance. We will not be hassling you with weekly telephone calls looking for more business on the assumption that you have better things to do and hopefully should a future need arise you will make contact with us again.

For Contract placements we have a more active role as we drive the on-boarding, taking references and making sure that the required contracts are in place so that the contractor can start on the agreed date. The consultant will keep in contact during the assignment and be on hand should there be any issues to resolve or extensions to process.

How long does this take?

The great news is that our process and people are flexible so there is no fixed timescales for any recruitment process. By working together we can generally drive the process at a pace which suits you and your business. Our quickest? We went from initiation to start for a contractor in 5 hours at the other of the scale a permanent recruitment took 9 months when security vetting and a 3 month notice were part of the process!


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Since 2002, Arras People has been busy providing programme and project management recruitment services to a wide and varied client base. Working in the niche domain of programme and project management we have delivered recruitment services across a wide variety of vertical markets stretching from Charities and Not for Profit to Central Government and the Banking and Financial services sector.

Why use Arras

Our focus is simple, supply the best candidates available to fulfil the open programme and project management role be that Permanent, Fixed Term, Contract or Interim. The aim of the Arras People team has always been to provide our Clients and just as importantly our Candidates a refreshingly different approach to the recruitment process.


Compliance with legislation and regulations in the supply and engagement of workers is seen by many as a minefield which continues to evolve as the EU and UK government introduce more and more legislation in this key area. As an Agency, Arras People work with our clients to ensure that our interactions comply with the latest legislation. Below we identify some of the key legislation that has a direct impact on how we operate.

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