You’ve applied for a job with Arras People – what next?


Arras People responds to every applicant for each role applied for, this is not an automated response and therefore you may sometimes experience a delay.

Your application will be firstly acknowledged, which lets you know the consultant received your email and attachments. For some roles we have an overwhelming response therefore there may be a delay in being notified of the status of your application – but you will receive one!

If you are not deemed suitable for a role, you will be emailed with the outcome. You may also be asked to clarify additional information by email at this stage to support your application.

Telephone screening

If the consultant would like to talk to you further about a role, they will generally email you asking for a preferred time to talk – we like our candidates to be able to speak openly and freely about their experience therefore we recommend choosing a time away from your desk or at home.

An Arras People consultant will then call you at the designated time, telephone interviews can sometimes take up to 1 hour in the first instance. Arras People takes a thorough approach to telephone interviews with our candidates, asking questions on previous roles, skills and experience.

After the call, Arras People will make a decision on forwarding your details to the client – we send a profile which highlights your skills and experience that are applicable to the role and your CV. Arras People does not change your CV in anyway.

Interview Set-Up

After submission of CVs, if the client would like to see you for an interview, Arras People will then arrange all the logistics, this will include;

• Confirm the interview date and time
• Confirm the interviewers names and job roles
• Provide maps and instructions on arrival
• Provide the role specification
• Provide generic interview preparation documents
• Provide additional information on the client – website addresses, etc.
• Arrange for a pre-interview preparation call with Arras

The pre-interview preparation call with Arras can take up to 1 hour depending on the role and in some cases will involve a face to face meeting with your Arras People representative. The meeting is used to allow candidates to ask as many questions about the role as possible and allow Arras People to give valuable insight to the client e.g., interview techniques, etc.

Client Interviews

Once a candidate has attended the interview, Arras People ask that they give the consultant a quick call to discuss their thoughts ahead of feedback from the client. Arras People then talk to the client to receive feedback on the candidate’s interview performance and next steps.

Arras People give feedback to ALL candidates on their interview performance. If a candidate is successful and a second interview is needed, this is arranged and logistics mailed.

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