Two of the most common questions that we hear at Arras People relate to salaries and day rates for programme and project management practitioners;

Practitioners always want to know:

How much am I worth?

Whilst Clients want to know:

How much do I need to pay to be competitive?

Because programme and project management is such a broad church, salary levels and day rates for contractors vary greatly. As such key variables need to be considered when formulating average and actual salaries and day rates for all project management practitioners.

Common variables include;

  • Variety of roles – Whilst it is of some interest to see the overall spread of remuneration across the programme and project management (PPM) family, the variety of these roles creates an extra level of complexity. If we are to see meaningful salaries and day rates applicable to each role, then some additional analysis is always important.
  • Differences in role definition – The role “project manager” for example, is so openly defined and used in so many different ways by organisations both within and across sector. How many other roles in the market place are so open to interpretation and a salary spread that covers £18K right through to £150K+?
  • Differences across sectors – As well as differences in the definition of roles we also see significant differences across sectors, not only in terms of Public and Private but also within say consulting organisations and manufacturing.

On top of the many variables we also have the geographic / economic impact on salaries and day rates which may drive remuneration up or down depending upon the location and conditions. Skill shortages or high demand may make some practitioners very valuable in the marketplace, whilst at certain times niche knowledge such as Nuclear, Agile, Solvency II or SAP may provide practitioners with a premium and employers with additional cost!

At Arras People we have two primary sources through which we collect data for analysis:

  • Project Management Benchmark Report – The annual report provides a wide picture of the UK’s programme and project management sector drawing on a wide cross sector analysis of current and future year data collected through our annual survey. The PMBR provides a comprehensive view balanced across practitioners in work as well as those currently seeking new opportunities. Further information and copies of the Arras People Project Management Benchmark Report can be found here.
  • Arras People Registration Data – Data collected when practitioners register with Arras People provides a continual picture of what is happening in the UK marketplace, tracking availability, salary and day rate information (current and expected) which we can analyse across sector and also region. This data is then validated back against the PMBR to see trends in the UK market.


If you are unsure or can’t find the relevant benchmarking data you need please contact us and we will do our best to help.


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