Arras People’s project management recruitment method follows a lifecycle method – just like project management!

Arras have two simple aims for our recruitment business – find the right candidate for each requirement – and in the process – treat each candidate with honesty, respect and transparency.

Believing in being transparent and open with our candidates throughout the project management recruitment process is important to us- and we balance this philsophy with the wishes of our clients.

Our project management recruitment process gives an insight into how we do the job – to keep both sets of our clients happy – that’s you – the project management candidate and the employing organisation.



Getting started with the hiring organisation

Based on the requirement, we assign the right recruitment consultant from day one who runs with the job until completion. That means you’ll have one point of contact throughout the recruitment process with Arras.

Understanding the job specification

First steps are all about information gathering and ensuring we receive a detailed job specification – if there is no job description available your recruitment consultant will give you a detailed description of the job. We spend time with hiring organisations really getting to understand what it is they’re looking for.

Getting the detailed brief

Arras then understands the finer details of a job – the key drivers, ways of working and organisational ethos, the personality and softer skills needed for the job. All these details are shared with the candidate at shortlist stage to give them a fuller picture of the job.

Understanding the timescales and processes involved

By outlining the recruitment timescales and preferred interview process with the client; 1st, 2nd, 3rd interviews or assessment centre, we can plan and manage expectations throughout the process with the shortlisted candidates. We aim to try and avoid those recruitment frustrations like waiting ages for feedback and interview shortlisting.

Searching and selecting

The term used is essentially the activities we perform to find the ideal candidates for the job. We encourage candidates to register with us – this is where most of our placed project management candidates originate from. The next step is to advertise on the project management job board. We then use a selection of methods both online (job boards, social media etc) and offline (networking groups, press etc)

If you are registered with us as a candidate, we will approach you initially by email to arrange a call to discuss the role – only if you express an interest. You will not be hounded by Arras People.

If you apply for a role through our project management job board or external job board, your application will be acknowledged, personally by the consultant managing the role – there are no automated acknowledgements.

If you are unsuccessful in your application you will be notified; notifications are brief and will just let you know that you are not being shortlisted for the position. We believe every job seeker deserves to be notified about the status of their application.

If your application shows the right skills and attributes for the advertised position you will be contacted and asked to participate in the Arras interview.

Interviewing you

There is an initial screening project management interview with the recruitment consultant for each candidate for each role we recruit for. We have never shortlisted a candidate for a client without carrying out this interview – this works for both parties; we understand more about a candidates skills, experiences and suitably for the job whilst informing about the company and the opportunity they are being interviewed for.

Shortlisting you

Following the project management interview candidates are asked if the role is something that they would like to pursue. Arras People only forward details of candidates to our clients when given expressed permission to do so. When in agreement, the consultant will send the candidate CV and an individual profile of skills, experience and capability for the job.

Getting that interview

Once the client has reviewed the CV and profile candidates are notified when feedback is available. If a candidate is unsuccessful at this stage, the consultant will give feedback. Feedback obviously comes back in varying degrees of detail but we share everything we know.

All candidates selected to attend an interview will be contacted by the consultant straight away with the details. With each interview, the consultant will arrange for an interview preperation session, helping candidates get ready for the interview by sharing details about the type of interview, who will be interviewing and any hints and tips which will be useful for that particular job and client. Interview preperation sessions are carried out for each interview  Рregardless of how many stages. If interviews include a presentation Рthe consultant will walk through and review that.

Being offered the job

Each consultant at Arras is here to represent candidates through to the offer and negotiation stage. Following the successful interview candidates are contacted with feedback and the pending offer. By working closely with the Arras consultant, candidates can be assured that the offer stage is managed effectively and smoothly to completion

Getting started in a new position

When details of offers and start dates are finalised, the Arras consultant remains in touch throughout. Arras will follow up with brief calls to make sure you are happy in your new job.

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