When looking to start your project management job hunting there are always lots of questions.

The following are some of the typical questions asked by other project management job candidates to Arras People’s project management careers consultants.

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Where are Arras People's clients based?

Arras People predominantly recruit for roles based in the UK, though we have taken on assignment for placements across Europe and also for US based Corporations.

In terms of the UK market we have no geographical boundaries and enjoy working across the whole of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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What industry sectors does Arras People work with?

Arras People have a team of consultants with a broad industry background which means that we are happy working with all sectors of the project management market. Our experience allows us to offer the same level of service no matter what the sector.

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I have just passed my PRINCE2 exams; can you find me a job?

The honest answer is that depends on how this aligns to your career experience!

If you have taken your PRINCE2 certification and have no project management experience to complement the training it is unlikely that we will be able to help you find an assignment. The majority of our clients are looking for experienced project professionals with a demonstrable track record of delivery experience.

If on the other hand you have taken your PRINCE2 certification (or any other recognised accreditation) to complement your proven delivery experience we will be happy to review your skills and experiences against open opportunities.

I want to be a Project Manager; can Arras Help me?

We would like to think that we could help you in some way, though not necessarily by finding you a project management role.

We have a range of services and resources which address this common question and are aimed at candidates from differing backgrounds and circumstances. Key questions we would ask are;

• Why do you want to work in Project Management?
• What skills and experience can you offer to a potential employer?


I am considering a career change; can Arras help me?

We have developed a range of services and resources which address this common question which are aimed at candidates looking to make a career change into project management.

Key questions we would ask to anyone considering this move include;

  • Why do you want to work in Project Management?
  • What relevant skills and experience can you offer to a potential employer?
  • How would you differentiate yourself against the competition to secure a role in project management?
I am not happy with my CV; can Arras help me?

As we see many hundreds of CVs each month the team at Arras People have built up a very clear picture of what we like to see in a CV and just as importantly what we do not like. CV writing is a skill that can become rusty as it is not necessarily used on a regular basis, to make matters harder it is also an Art rather than a Science, so there is no definitive answer. For many, the hardest part is that it is all about YOU and sometimes it takes an external catalyst to bring clarity and help present skills and experiences in a format that best presents you to the market.

We have developed a range of services and resources which address this common question from candidates that remain uncertain about their CV. These can be taken as self service or as one to one sessions though our careers clinics. Typical reasons candidates are looking for help include;

• I have not been getting any positive response to my job applications.
• I have recently been made redundant and have not had a current CV for many years.
• I need to refresh my CV as I am looking for the next step up in my career.

I am unsure which PM qualification to take; can you help me?

Our advice is that before booking on any course and committing to spend your time and money, you should really think about what outcome you’re looking for. Our experience is that training alone won’t guarantee a job.

For candidates with delivery experience there are many valid reasons for taking the plunge into formal accreditation and the primary challenge may be “which body do I wish to align myself to?”.

For candidates with no formal previous experience in a project management role, project management training and qualifications can give a good insight to the key technical areas of project management and in some cases confirm what you already know or are doing on an informal basis.

Why should I register my details with Arras People?

We recommend that candidates register their details with Arras as this is the only approach that guarantees your full CV will be read by one of our consultants. Not only that, where appropriate we will give you some feedback regarding the chances of us finding a role that fits your profile.

Registration is the way to get yourself noticed and to have your CV available for searching by our consultants when they are working a role.

To emphasise the point, 70% of the placements we made last year were candidates who were in our database.

How do I register for project management jobs with Arras People?

You can supply your details to Arras People by using our project management registration page.

It’s a quick and simple registration with 3 easy to follow steps which allows you to tell us a few details about yourself, the kind of roles you are looking for and then attach your current CV.

Follow the link at the top of the page to register with us.

What happens after I have registered my details with Arras People?

All registration details received by Arras People are reviewed by a member of the recruitment team within 24 working hours of receipt. Your CV will then be read, assessed and graded in accordance with the criteria below:

  • Does your level of project experience meet the criteria typically demanded by our clients?
  • Is your CV a well produced, competitively pitched representation of your career?
  • Does your personal profile align to the criteria typically demanded by our clients?

Once reviewed the recruiter may follow up your registration request with an email or telephone call to discuss your situation or to offer additional advice. Please note that these actions might not apply to all candidates who register.

Will confidentiality of my personal details be retained?


Arras People take the management and processing of your details very seriously. We recognise that your professional profile is important and respect your expectation that we handle it with all due care and respect:

  • Arras People is registered under the Data Protection Act and actively ensures all guidelines are followed.
  • Arras People does not share any information with any third parties without the expressed permission of the candidate or subscribers to our newsletter.
  • All printed CVs used throughout the recruitment process are confidentially destroyed and recycled.
  • Arras People will not send your details to any prospective employer without first discussing the opportunity with you and seeking your permission.
Can I update my details on-line?

Yes, just re-enter your data in the registration

Due to the nature of our systems and our philosophy we do not provide candidates with a logon to our registration system and the facility to upload a new CV.


Because we believe that it is unlikely that other personal details have not changed since you last uploaded a CV, so for both parties a data refresh is important.

Once submitted your update will be merged to your existing record and the appropriate fields updated.

What makes Arras People different from other agencies?

No compromises, Arras People specialises and focuses 100% on project management recruitment (including programme management, programme management office (PMO) and project support roles). This means we remain focused, specific and relevant for project and programme management practitioners.

Quality of Service
When Arras People started in 2002, our aim was to deliver a different level of service to that which we had experienced when looking for roles or candidates. We saw the opportunity to deliver a different level of quality service with increased commitment to both client and candidates. These are our main objectives and guiding beliefs. More than that, it is something our clients and candidates tell us we are achieving, and soemthing that we have continued to improve from day one.

Arras People works on the principal of “treating others as we would expected to be treated ourselves” and respect is a big part of what we do. Both Clients and Candidates deserve our respect in everything we do and our experiences as practising project managers convinced us that good communication is a fundamental element in achieving this along with openness and honesty.

Quality not Quantity
Arras People are not in the business of supplying CVs, we are in the business of supplying screened candidates who we believe are suitable for our open roles. This departure from the norm means that our consultants interview each candidate who may be suitable for a role before selecting a shortlist for submission to the client.

Where can I see your current project management roles?

Current, live roles which we are processing candidates for can be found on the Arras People job board. In addition to the Arras People roles we also have branded client adverts for roles which they are managing themselves.

Our commitment to candidates is that we only have live roles on our board, after all we don’t want to waste your time and we certainly don’t want to be wasting our time processing unnecessary CVs.

Can I see in-depth information about the project management roles you have?

For each and every role that Arras People works on a comprehensive role specification is produced, this will include;

• An overview of the role
• Required skills and experience
• A person specification

The role specification will also provide details on location, role type and salary or rate.

Once we engage you to talk further about a specific project management role we will also share details about the client and their own job specification.

Current, live roles which we are processing candidates for can be found on the Arras People job board. In addition to the Arras People roles we also have branded client adverts for roles which they are managing themselves.

How do I apply for a role?

If a role is of interest to you and having read the specification you believe that your skills and experiences match those that we are looking for you can apply directly from the web site.

On the detailed job specification page you click the Apply button. If you are already registered with Arras People you will be asked to logon to the portal, once there you can either select an existing CV to attach to your application or upload a more relevant or updated CV. Your application will then be processed and linked to your account.

If you are not registered with Arras People you will be offered a quiick apply option which will create an account in the portal and allow you to upload a CV and cover note. You will recieve an email with your logon details which will allow you to access the portal for future applications or to complete your registration.

I applied for a project management job - what happens now?

Arras People responds to every applicant for each role applied for, this is not an automated response and therefore you may sometimes experience a delay.

Your application will be firstly acknowledged, which lets you know the consultant received your email and attachments. For some roles we have an overwhelming response therefore there may be a delay in being notified of the status of your application – but you will receive one!

If you are not deemed suitable for a role, you will be emailed with the outcome. You may also be asked to clarify additional information by email at this stage to support your application.

Telephone screening
If the consultant would like to talk to you further about a role, they will generally email you asking for a preferred time to talk – we like our candidates to be able to speak openly and freely about their experience therefore we recommend choosing a time away from your desk or at home.

An Arras People consultant will then call you at the designated time, telephone interviews can sometimes take up to 1 hour in the first instance. Arras People takes a thorough approach to telephone interviews with our candidates, asking questions on previous roles, skills and experience.

After the call, Arras People will make a decision on forwarding your details to the client – we send a profile which highlights your skills and experience that are applicable to the role and your CV. Arras People does not change your CV in anyway.

Interview Set-Up
After submission of CVs, if the client would like to see you for an interview, Arras People will then arrange all the logistics, this will include;

• Confirm the interview date and time
• Confirm the interviewers names and job roles
• Provide maps and instructions on arrival
• Provide the role specification
• Provide generic interview preparation documents
• Provide additional information on the client – website addresses, etc.
• Arrange for a pre-interview preparation call with Arras

The pre-interview preparation call with Arras can take up to 1 hour depending on the role and in some cases will involve a face to face meeting with your Arras People representative. The meeting is used to allow candidates to ask as many questions about the role as possible and allow Arras People to give valuable insight to the client e.g., interview techniques, etc.

Client Interviews
Once a candidate has attended the interview, Arras People ask that they give the consultant a quick call to discuss their thoughts ahead of feedback from the client. Arras People then talk to the client to receive feedback on the candidate’s interview performance and next steps.

Arras People give feedback to ALL candidates on their interview performance. If a candidate is successful and a second interview is needed, this is arranged and logistics mailed.

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