More and more hiring managers and recruitment agencies are using LinkedIn as a tool to help them find the right talent for their organisations. In a recent survey by Arras People – hiring organisations ranked project management experience as the most important thing about a project management application. Interestingly they placed personality and personal approach as the second most important. LinkedIn when used effectively is a great way to supplement your CV and inject personality into your applications.

In this hour webinar we’ll show you how to create a successful profile on LinkedIn – what to write; what tone to set; how to create a career history without cutting and pasting a CV. We’ll also show you how project management professionals can use the many services and functionality in LinkedIn to create a profile that really showcases your career.

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Benefits to attendees


Real practical advice on how to create a profile on Linkedin - specific to project practitioners


Find out the best way to use Linkedin for new opportunities and networking


Get started using Linkedin - not as an online CV store - but as a great way to attract recruiters

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Using Linkedin for Project Practitioners

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