Highlighting your skills is an excellent way to demonstrate what you can do for a future employer/client but without context misses an opportunity to really gain attention.  Too often candidates turn off potential decision makers by presenting a list of skills or responsibilities.

In this webinar you will learn how to translate your key skills into key achievements using our simple to follow rules.  Engage with decision makers by reinforcing success within the context of the projects you have worked to showcase your skills.  Using our years as project practitioners and career development specialists, find out how we can demystify the communication process to transform your key achievements to eliminate 90% -95% of the competition.

Book our Key Achievements webinar to see how you can develop your own winning Key Achievements in just 1 hour.

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Benefits to attendees


Showcase your successes - create key achievements that people want to read.


Catch attention for specific roles - learn out to mix and match key achievements for maximum impact.


Differentiate yourself from your competition - real practical advice on creating key achievements in a CV that makes you stand out from the crowd.

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Step Two - Key Achievements

Creating the killer project management CV