This webinar has been created for project management practitioners due to the increase in project management professionals wanting to move from full time employment to contractor / consultant / freelance roles. There has been an increase in the demand for practical advice on making a successful transition.

Making this move is often seen as high risk – leaving a salaried role for an immediate future filled with uncertainty. To make a successful transition project management practitioners have to consider a variety of factors.

We have brought together different perspectives to share observations and explore what this means, including:

  • Exploring the difference between contracting vs consulting
  • Advice and insights into making the move
  • Concrete plans Project Managers can start to make before leaving employment
  • Get equipped and ready with practical tips on areas like CV, websites, LinkedIn etc

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Benefits to attendees


Real practical advice on making the transition from permanent employee to contractor


Insights into the current freelance / contract market for project management practitioners


Learn from the specialists - with over 15 years experience in PM recruitment.

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