Assistant Project Manager describe those roles which were previously referred to as “Junior Project Manager”. Due to the Age Legislation laws, the title was changed, removing junior which was deemed to equate to young rather than just inexperienced.

Assistant Project Managers come from a range of backgrounds. They could be people who have previously worked within project management in a support role like Project Co-ordinator who have now moved on to manage projects themselves. Assistant Project Managers could also be graduates who have recently graduated from a specific project management degree and are now entering the workplace for the first time.

Assistant Project Managers may also be people who have worked within business and indeed projects for a while but in another role and are now keen to change their careers to that of project manager.

Due to the nature of project management, many organisations will recruit for Assistant Project Managers to first work alongside other more experienced Project Managers within their business. There will be a supporting network and a period of “on the job” training before the Assistant Project Manager will go to manage their own projects alone.

Many organisations are keen to explore this route as it allows them to invest in and develop their own project managers, training them in how projects are managed within their own particular organisation, domain or industry sector.

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