One of the lessons the team at Arras People have learned over the years is that Programme and Project Management has a vast array of titles, many of which have different meanings depending upon the organisation, the sector or even the individual looking to hire.

People easily confuse the terms ‘Project Management’ and ‘Project Manager’ let alone the vast number of roles that live within the broad church of project management.

The following section gives an overview of programme and project management roles, first, breaking it into broad groupings followed by a more detailed look.

Part of our service is to help you position your role within this structure so that you can effectively target project management practitioners who are active in the marketplace today; Arras People is here to help you determine the path for the role you should follow.

Project Management Positions

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is the name given to describe an organisation's entire programme and project activity, specifically linking all the programmes and projects to the strategic goals of an organisation.
Portfolio management has become increasingly popular due to the ability to link the high level corporate goals with successful outcomes and realised benefits from the programme and project delivery.

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Programme Management

Programme management is the name given to the management of multiple related projects; imagine the building of a new terminal for an airport and you'll be looking at a programme.

For example, one project may concentrate on the site clearing and foundation building; another, the construction of the building; another, the terminal fit-out inside; and another, the building of shops and other services.

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Project Management

When talking about Project Managers we are refering to the person who is in overall charge of the planning and execution of any particular project; where a project is identified as a unique, transient endeavour which is being undertaken to achieve a desired outcome.

Projects bring about change and project managers are charged with managing such change.

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Portfolio Management Office, Programme Management Office, Programme Office, Project Management Office or PMO, the names associated with this function are endless.

However what they all have in common is the fact that they offer some sort of supporting function within portfolio, programme and project management.

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Project Controls

When talking about Project control we are generally describing the specialists and functions that are responsible for data gathering, management and the analytical processes which are deployed to baseline, manage and understand the time and cost outcomes of a project or programme.

They provide a valuable service which assist effective management and decision making within programmes and projects.

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Change Management

When talking about Change Management or Service Transition we think about the process, tools and techniques which are applied and managed to ensure that the organisation and the people within it are ready to achieve the required business outcomes that are to be delivered by a programme or project.

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Business Analysis

When talking about Business Analysis or Systems Analysis we think about trained practitioners who have the skills and capability to work within an organisation to drive identified business needs from a current state to a future state by engaging with the relevant stakeholders. Solutions will often include a software deployment, but may be purely focussed on process improvement or organisational change.

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Agile! A project management methodology, a product delivery method, a philosophy, an indication that an organisation wishes to deliver at an increased pace? It would currently appear that Agile or even agile can be any of the above and more in the domain of project management. In many ways it would appear to be much like ice cream in that there are many flavours which you can either buy off the shelf or create to your own particular recipe.

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Digital project management pulls together many traditional roles such as Web Project Managers, Web and Digital Producers and Account Managers. Like traditional project managers they have the role of making things happen within the agreed scope, budget etc.

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