Project Management Careers Q&A – Video Interviewing

Video interviewing takes two forms – live or pre-recorded. For both types, the best remedy for giving it your best shot is to practice, practice, and practice. The interview preparation you carry out for normal, in person interviews still applies – the advice there is think about and make notes on prominent experiences that you know bring out the best in you. Find out more from previous articles on interviews in project management.

For a video interview however, perhaps unsurprisingly, the words you say actually mean less than the overall impression of you – your face, body language – and anything else that can appear on-screen like the back drop etc.

The advice here is about paying more attention than you normally would to making sure that technologically you have the right set up with a decent camera, microphone and lighting which literally shows you in the best light. Also making sure that you know how you’re going to appear on camera – from the waist up; dressed well with no fussy patterns, glasses not glaring, camera not too far away or too close etc.

Get the set up right; try out a few outfits; pre-record yourself a few times and watch it back; check your body language; check your language and speed of voice. And keep repeating it until you’re happy with the way you’re coming across.

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This article was recently published in PM Network – the monthly project management magazine for PMI members worldwide.

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