Project Management Careers Q&A – Facing Redundancy? The First Thing to Do

I am potentially facing redundancy and am keen to understand what opportunities are available in Change/Project Management.

You can take a look at any job advertising website ( or to get a rough idea of what’s happening – just signing up for alerts and monitoring the numbers of positions each week will give you a good idea of what is happening in the marketplace. You’ll quickly notice that vacancies are effected by seasons and things like national holidays.

The most important thing you can be doing today to understand what opportunities are around is to talk to the people you know – your connections and networks, those people you’ve met in the industry and (hopefully) kept in touch with. This is where the real information about the marketplace is so make sure you start getting in touch with people – perhaps meeting for a coffee and a catch up.

Other things you can be doing is widening that network – get into conversations with other project managers wherever and whenever you can. That’s the only way someone like me, who works in the recruitment field, ever knows what’s happening in the wider marketplace – by talking to the people who are in it.

One other thing you can be doing now is carrying out your own research. Picking up the business section of the newspaper – reading industry relevant magazines and journals. Whatever the latest business news is – news about projects are never far behind.

If you receive the news that you’re not in fact being made redundant, make sure you carry on with this advice – especially the networking. It is the most powerful way to come across new opportunities yet when we’re busy working we often neglect it. We never know when layoffs might happen, so it’s always a good idea to keep that network strong.

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