Moving to the UK: PMI or APM?

I am an experienced Project Manager with over 15 years in the UK working in the Built Environment but for the past two years I have been living and working in Toronto. I have got my PMP from the PMI Institute as that was necessary in this region. Am likely to be coming back to the UK permanently in a few months will this qualification be recognised/transferable as some applications are asking for APM affiliation which I don’t have. I also only took Prince 2 Foundation course. How has Agile taken off in the UK. When I left two years ago it was still relatively new?

Great question which leads me nicely into plugging the latest Project Management Benchmark Report 🙂 It’s a perfect resource if you’re trying to understand what the market is currently like in the UK for project management. The report will certainly give you the skinny on Agile right now because there is a section on that.

So onto the other parts of the question.

A PMI PMP is just as recognisable in the UK as the APMP from the APM.

Many job advertisements will state PRINCE2, APM or equivalent. The PMP is the equivalent.

You don’t need both but if you’re moving back to the UK there is no harm in becoming a member of APM. You can be a member without doing the APMP. It just means you’ll be able to attend APM events which might help you ease back into the market here in the UK (BTW you also don’t need to be a member of APM to attend events, you just pay for them as you go)

It sounds to me that the PRINCE2 might not necessarily be applicable to you either. You say you have experience in the Built Environment which suggests construction. Perhaps you’ll be better off looking at professional bodies around that – like RICS for example?

PRINCE2 is more applicable to business projects than it is to construction anyway so I wouldn’t worry about pursuing PRINCE2 practitioner. That also makes me think that Agile isn’t necessarily something that should be on your radar either, I’m scratching my head to see how construction and Agile go together without there being a potentially catastrophic end to the project!




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  1. Folks there is absolutely no way that PRINCE2 is the equivalent of the PMP…. The PRINCE2 credentials don’t even meet the requirements of PMI’s CAPM!!!

    And the PMP itself is nothing more than an entry level credential that is, IMPO grossly over-rated……

    To try to put an end to the false and misleading claims these professional societies make about the equivalency and relative standing of their credentials I have benchmarked some 40 of them against the US Professional Engineer (PE) license, which is without question a legitimate, professional level credential and the PRINCE2 credentials score so low as to be an embarrassment to those who hold them.

    Here is the link to the latest update and I am working on another update for 2016 now-

    Dr. PDG, Papua, New Guinea

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