Applying for Project Management Jobs at the Right Level

I’ve been trying to apply for positions at a certain salary level but I’m not sure if my resume reflects my experience at that level, what would you advise?

This is a common problem for job seekers – how do you make sure that when you apply for a position, at say £100K, that your resume reflects that you’re worth that salary level?

It works both ways too, you don’t want to pitch your resume and experience as too high or too low.

With a project related CV often it comes down to the context of what and where your experience is so hirers want to know that your previous experience is close to or matches their particular situation.

The higher salary, the more likely the project will be larger in scope, carry a greater degree of risk, require a larger team or be more complex or complicated in its solution.

These are the contexts of the position so it makes sense that your CV will also include some context of your previous experience.For a project management CV that includes mentioning the budget, the size of the team and some narrative that reflects the complexities involved.

Of course, higher salaries tend to be commanded by those that have more experience but don’t make the mistake of thinking that a career history of 25 years is enough to be shortlisted for an interview.

Remember, project management is a competitive marketplace so make sure you give clear context to previous roles so hirers can make a quick call. You’ll be surprised just how many project managers leave context out of their CV like this, opting to cover the details of the projects without mentioning the budget or why the project was important to the business in the first place.

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