“Actively Seeking Employment” in Linkedin

Should I put “actively seeking employment” on my Linkedin profile heading?

This is an interesting conundrum. In one way yes you should if you are using Linkedin primarily for job opportunities because it makes it easier for recruiters to make approaches to people on Linkedin when they know they are currently available. If you are going to use this heading you also need to change it as soon as the statement is no longer true. Using profile headings like this work particularly well for project managers who are contractors and freelancers as availability changes all the time. Other good headings in these cases should include the date you will become available in the near future.

If you’re using Linkedin for networking there is a negative side to this. You will have less connections accepted because people make the assumption that you’re going to ask about job openings. Maybe they feel they don’t have time for that or think they’re not the right person to give advice about it. It can be easier to not accept your request.

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  1. Hmmmmm……. Speaking as an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR, I don’t think it looks good to appear to be “begging” for work. (Which is exactly the message “Actively Seeking Work” sends)

    Better you focus your efforts on posting interesting and provocative topics of interest in your field of expertise as the way to “build your brand image” and with it, your “professional network”.

    Only after you have built a solid network (and we don’t mean just every Tom, Dick and Harriet who wants to connect with you, but people who need the services you offer) and with it, a strong “brand image” as a professional practitioner, can you then approach specific people PRIVATELY seeking either temporary or permanent gigs.

    Dr. PDG, Guangzhou, China

  2. Inclined to agree with the above, ‘actively seeking work’ does smack slightly of desperation. However making your contract expiry date clearly visible on your profile is a good tip. I’ve had approaches that start with ‘I can see your contract is up shortly…’ so it clearly works – for those in the recruitment business anyway.

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