Winning over the case for a business case

I was thinking about an experience I had where previously business had been poorly controlled and now new ‘draconian’ control guidelines have been put in place – i.e. no project will be started with out a business case being approved.

Working with the people to assist them to write the business case was often a large mountain to climb with a lot resistance. All they really wanted to do was execute and deliver.

A problem to the organisation was that that the delivery did not always happen with many activities in fact the majority, would be started and then parked on the shelf with know one knowing why they were started and what capability they may deliver. In fact many projects and activities would get restarted with no reference to the original, so not really restarted, more like started from scratch.

My thoughts are moving along the lines with how do you influence people to think about writing down and sharing what is they intend to deliver and what it will achieve. How do you demonstrate positives of spending time thinking and planning rather than launching in.

Any way something to ponder for the weekend some people could not see why they should define the reasons for undertaking the activity, it was almost like the thought of doing a business case would spell out the fact that what they wanted to do was not worthwhile rejection – and none of us like that.

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