Top Five Interventions for a Failing Project

Execview sees projects and programmes from many different sectors and a wide range of clients.  The reason we get up in the morning is to help people like you become very successful in your role within the PMO.

One of our many functionalities within our software is lessons learned and from this, we can give you an overview of the top five interventions for a failing project.  You can make sure your exec team succeed.

Five Top Interventions

Without the correct planning and tooling your project is destined to fail, not succeed. There are many things that appear over the life of a project that will cause it to go off-course.  Some will be fixable, others not.  Sometimes a project that started with a great business case is no longer justified by changes of events.  Things get in the way.

The key things that are needed: constant monitoring and strong interventions.  Some projects can go months flagging up problems like resourcing constraints which are never fixed.

Reasons Projects Fail

The actions needed boil down to five types:

  1. Fix the problem
  2. Fix the resourcing
  3. Re-plan the project
  4. Reduce the scope or complexity
  5. Stop the project

Interventions Applied to Typical Project Problems

Get tooled up correctly

A Portfolio and Project Management software tool that provides you with the control and governance to record all of your actions, decisions and progress made would be a great asset to your business. Also ensuring an auditable trail is available and is accessible from multiple devices, allowing your Management team to make decisions in real time.

Reporting and management information that is available on demand are key success factors for all management teams. Dashboards and score cards that are visually pleasing and straight forward to understand are a must have for clients and businesses alike.

Exportable reports to multiple formats (excel, pdf, power point) are a feature that should enhance any business and client presentations.

Execview – Turning Project Management on its Head

Execview enables organisations to significantly improve the governance and control of their projects, portfolios and programmes. Our specialised consultants will work with you to tailor our software to fit your specific business needs, meaning we can help to make business management easier for clients across a wide range of industries


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