The Best Spooky Project

Time for a little spooky fun. Events management is often seen as a poor relation to project management; maybe it’s because an events project is seen as low risk, low budget or low complexity that doesn’t need a fully qualified and experienced project manager. Whatever the reason, I can’t help thinking that certain events project managers must have a certain amount of fun in their jobs, plus they tend to see a quicker return on their efforts which must be great for job satisfaction.

To celebrate the 31st October I wanted to share my dream events project management role. One day I want this job. They may be mad, but they’re certainly having some fun!

New York Halloween Parade

It takes place every year in Manhattan and its actually already happen this year on the 22nd October (maybe they don’t want to scare the dogs when the real freaks come out on the 31st!). Check out the accompanying links for more information on the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade and this year’s collection included Princess Beatrice, a pin cushion and a New York City Bus.

You wouldn't like him angry!













Images by paparutzi| istolethetv


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