Taking on PPM Software Myths

It takes seven years to digest gum. Lightning never strikes the same place twice. Sound believable right? Wrong. These are just a few examples of everyday myths that are totally false but continue to be accepted and spread as truths.

It’s no different in the software implementation space where some things sound like good ideas but really aren’t. Prospective customers often start their project portfolio management (PPM) software implementation journey with a few preconceived ideas that probably don’t give them the best chance for success.

Most businesses can’t afford to waste the investment of time and money needed for a successful roll-out. Considering that the average life-span of a PPM tool is around 5 years, you’re going to want to make the right decisions from the onset to ensure maximum returns from your investment.

There are several factors to keep in mind that could be the difference between success and failure:

  • Where should we focus our efforts?
  • Who will be impacted?
  • Do we know what features we want?
  • Is it really a good idea to take advantage of all those bells and whistles?

These are the kinds of questions that project management office (PMO) managers embarking on this journey struggle to answer, and in this e-book, we’ll discuss and debunk the common myths around people, process and technology that could compromise a successful roll-out.

Are you ready to implement your project management software yet? Download our free e-book to learn more about the common myths around the use of PPM software. We’ll also provide you with some knowledge to assist you and your organisation in obtaining optimal value from your PPM solution.

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