Tailoring for Specific Roles

It’s something we’ve always talked about and now in a survey by the National Careers Service it’s been highlighted as the most common mistake people make with their CVs. In a report out yesterday it highlighted how people don’t spend enough time creating or updating their CV, especially treating their CV as a “shop window” – something we’ve been talking about for a while (as far back as 2009!)

For project management specific CVs it is crucial that you maximise your chances when applying for new jobs. Because a project management career is so varied – and organisations look for very different types of project managers, it stands to reason that one CV will not fit all. If we think about our CV as being a shop window, do we want dead flies for sale or something quite niche that shows quality and intrigue?

The report highlights problems we have with CVs – problems that we know about already. The key message from the report is that using information and advice available helps “turn the CV from a career void into a careers victory”. For project management professionals there’s good news with project management CV advice available online, in person or in workshop form

The most common mistake is sending a general CV to employers, rather than tailoring it to a specific role, according to research by the National Careers Service.

Two thirds of careers advisers said this stopped people securing new jobs.

More than 60% of advisers said spelling mistakes were a common error.


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