Rethinking Resource Management

Resource management has been one of those topic areas that always seems to come up when project practitioners talk about specific challenges they face in programme and project management – I guess it’s because it is the people side of projects – the notoriously difficult bit.

In this article, Patrick Tickle from Planview* talks about just how complex resource management has gotten and how, now, might the right time to rethink what we’re doing around resource management.

Let’s face it, our world and business climate is changing – and fast. Changing workforces, digitalisation, and the pace of disruption are demanding we rethink traditional resource challenges. Consider a new management approach that (includes) goes beyond PPM. Eight forces are creating this complexity today, constraining the progress of organisations and teams as they try to innovate and deliver on their strategic objectives.

  • Outcomes are different. Project success is no longer a successful outcome. The outcomes that matter are the products and services we deliver to the marketplace.
  • Capabilities are strategic. Businesses must to take a hard look at what products and services they are delivering today and what they must deliver tomorrow to stay on the cutting edge.
  • Work methods are proliferating. Projects are just one way we work. Lean, agile, phase-gate, and many more methods are all being used in our organisations.
  • Unstructured work is exploding. Methods can’t solve it all. We need new ways to get work done, collaborate virtually, and execute more quickly.
  • Plans are more critical. As we increase speed and agility, it is critical that we have a plan and know where we are going and have the ability to adjust the plan as needs change.
  • Teams are virtual and global. We need to be able to work together across teams, functions, borders, and companies without adding overhead and constraints.
  • Technology is everywhere. These resources are central to every business and can no longer be managed in stovepipes.
  • Resources are multiplying in forms that never existed (e.g. IoT).

To that end, Planview has introduced the concept of Work and Resource Management as part of our comprehensive spectrum of solutions designed to work across every type of organisation. Our goal? Put simply, we want to address a broader set of resources and acknowledge that we all work in different ways. Don’t worry – our traditional PPM approach is still a big part of helping you find success.

Over the past several years, Planview has been expanding its vision and offerings. However, Work and Resource Management is not a one-stop solution. Instead, we understand that every organisation faces broad, complex issues when it comes to project management. We want to help every one of our customers leverage their PPM experience and build new capabilities to meet new opportunities.

Our hope is that by embracing Work and Resource Management, we can help you define and deliver on those big ideas that drive your business. We want to show you how to evolve by moving beyond just aligning the right people with the right financial resources.

The world of PPM is changing. To learn more about Work and Resource Management and to re-assess how to attack this more complex version of the traditional resource challenge visit


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*Planview are part of Arras People’s project management software directory – visit their website for more information.


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