Rendered speechless?

Sitting in a traffic jam this morning, I got thinking about the Age Discrimination thing again (it’s something I’m really aware of now everytime I speak to anyone!) All the information that’s been coming out over the last year is all well and good, there are some good examples of what it really means in practice (i.e., how to write the job specification, how to advertise a new job etc., etc.).

I got thinking about the actual job interview, would this be the first time in history that the candidate is more in charge here than the client who is doing the hiring? Would specific training be given out to all hiring managers that conduct interviews?

Some of the typical interview questions like (these are taken from Brilliant Answers to Tough Interview Questions);

1. How difficult did you find it returning to education as a mature student? (Mature?)

2. You’ve been with your current employer for 22 years, what has made you decide to apply elsewhere? (22 years??)

The book does have a section on difficult and even illegal questions;

1. You don’t mention your age on your CV – how old are you?

2. You are older than most of the staff we employ here, how do you think you would fit in?

Obviously questions that wouldn’t even get asked today pre-legislation – or would they?

Do interviewers have a right to be cagey about interviewing now especially as the individual could be personally liable for a claim from an interviewee who perceives there has been an issue?

More practical implementation and guides please!

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