Projects – Benefits realisation?

At Arras we have been pondering how many projects actually deliver their business benefits as planned, with tongue in cheek think about the following

…..So your Project has delivered, or has it, you have met all the dates you have spent a bit more than you thought and the some of the deliverables are slightly lower quality than anticipated. So why was your project run presumably to deliver some benefits to the organisation? A project may be delivered successfully however the benefits may never emerge or even be measured.

So when does a project end? Within an organisation projects are undertaken to deliver benefits within a programme. So yes the project ends and the Project Manger and team move on. The benefits the organisation hopes to achieve as defined in the original business plan may be years in the realisation process. It is also reasonable that over time the benefit measures will change, even within the projects lifespan, the organisations must comprehend that business is dynamic and therefore value and importance of delivery will also change.

A programme or management team must own and comprehend a benefits realisation plan as stated or re stated through the original business case. A programme approach allows multiple projects to be run against company stated objectives delivering strategic benefits against a plan.

What do you think, what are your experiences?

Ian M –

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