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I think you get the message 🙂
There’s been a lot of “stuff” about Programme Management Offices (and co) over the last 5/6 years. The first time I became aware of something especially new in this area was the Centre of Excellence model (COE), I came across this at a PPSOSIG conference where one of the speakers from the OGC was introducing the topic – there’s an area on their website all about COE.

I’ve not really come across anything else since then – new research, white papers etc all seem to cover particular areas of the Programme Office i.e., benefits realisation is a great example – is it the hot topic of the moment or what? Everywhere you turn there’s something about BR. Anyway, it’s about time more information was published on Centres of Excellence in Programme and Project Management and there’s a seminar on 24/11/06 all about it, a book and a course to follow.More information about the seminar –

COE in Programme and Project Management

I’m going to be attending so I’ll let you know how it goes.

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