PRINCE2 – Still Top of the Charts

Back in 2007 PRINCE2 was the most popular Project Management Qualification in the country (see article below). Has anything changed since then or is PRINCE2 still top of the charts?

In our yearly Project Management Benchmark Report, we asked participants (in 2018) which project management qualifications they had (see table). The first thing to note is that 16% do not have any qualifications at all. Then of those that do have a qualification, 66% had taken PRINCE2 Practitioner whilst 48% had taken PRINCE2 Foundation. Third-placed on the list was Axelos – MSP Managing Successful Programmes scoring 29% of the UK participants.

So clearly PRINCE2 has a commanding lead at the top of the accreditation charts.

So why PRINCE2 above other qualifications?

Well back when it first launched, the marketing machine behind it made sure that when people thought of Project Management they thought of PRINCE2 (and vice versa). It managed to build such a reputation that at one time without PRINCE2 on your CV you wouldn’t get the project management job you were applying for.

Times have changed however, employers are more open-minded to different accreditations such as PMI PMP or APM PMQ as well. Companies will want you to have a good enough understanding of projects before taking on the job (obviously) and this is proved by having a qualification from any reputable body, not just Axelos – PRINCE2.

So if employers are now open to different qualifications and not just PRINCE2 why is it still topping the chart?

We have found that those who have no project management experience still regard PRINCE2 as the holy grail of project management qualifications. This is the one they have heard of and therefore the one they go diving into.

It is still a popular belief amongst those looking to break into the profession that taking the PRINCE2 course will make them a project manager. Every week we get a least one call along the lines of “I have just completed my PRINCE2 and I would like to apply for the project manager job you have advertised.” This kind of phone call shows us that the PRINCE2 brand is still very strong, and as seen by our survey results, still top of the charts.

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2007 Report

A recent survey by Arras People, the Project Management Recruitment Specialists received responses from 1,225 permanent and contract Programme and Project Professionals during January 2007. Once again it showed that PRINCE2™ – Still top of the charts is the nations favourite accreditation in the Project Management field, but indicated that some questions are being asked!

I’m a Professional. I’m accredited: This topic generated a lot of responses in the previous year’s survey and it would appear that the debate continues. We found that:

  • In the mainstream world of project management, Prince2 Practitioner and Prince 2 Foundation remain the hot tickets this year. However, their share of the votes remains roughly the same.
  • ITIL Foundation (Green) is a rising star, moving from 7= to 4=, and doubling its vote
  • Six Sigma has come up on the rails from nowhere into 4=, with the same share of the votes as ITIL Green.
  • MSc Project Management has moved up a place on an increased vote
  • APM Intro Cert increased its share of the vote, but its ranking in the league table remains unchanged.
  • The others remain unchanged, each with a very small percentage of the overall vote.

The 2007 outlook? Respondents were asked which additional accreditations they were likely to go for in 2007.

  • 27% said “none”.
  • The two Prince qualifications topped the votes, with 16 and 14%, which is good news for the training organisations.
  • Six Sigma, ITIL Green, PMI-PMP, and IPMA level B all attracted between 3 and 5 percent of the votes, followed by a long list of accreditations with statistically insignificant percentages, but together amounting to 32% of respondents.

It would appear that the debate is still raging about where the demand for accreditation is coming from and also to some extent their real value in the market place. “Badge or membership card?”, may well become the next question on many people’s lips!

The full survey results can be found on the Arras People website.

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