Managing The Project As Well As The Change

Lots of people in organizations have experience with project management. But far fewer have experience with organizational change management.

A project is usually a temporary effort aimed at creating some product, service, or outcome. Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources to execute that project. Change management is the focus an organization makes to get people to use, adopt, or make the most of that product, service, or outcome.

Eighty six percent of projects report that they use a structured approach to manage projects. Far fewer, however, use a structured approach to managing the people elements of a change. And unfortunately, successful projects that lead to results expected from a project needs both. Projects don’t equate to real business results until people change the way they act or think.

Every year, most organizations go through a strategic planning cycle to define areas of focus to become bigger, better, or both. Often, those plans spin out projects to turn some of those great ideas into reality. At the heart of it, many of those ideas involve change for the people who work in the organization… new systems they will have to use, new processes they will have to follow, new mindsets they will have to adopt…

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