Filling the Project Manager Talent Gap

At Arras People we get calls every day with people asking us: “how do I get into project management”. Project management is an attractive and popular career choice that many are now looking to get into as a first career.

However, despite its popularity, the Report on Jobs, PMBR, and Talent Gap Report all list project managers to be in short supply.

So with the top project management talent in high demand, how do you, as an organisation get the best candidates available working on your projects?

1. Create an Attractive Environment

This goes beyond the silicon valley esque table tennis etc, this is the kind of thing that companies often use to draw people in. However, it’s not what makes employees stay. If the work environment and culture behind it is no good then employees will soon look to move on. It often just papers over the cracks of a bad place to work.

You need to have meaningful, challenging work for your employees to be doing. This is the only type of work that the best available practitioners are going to want to do.

Providing support and making sure there is help available during difficult projects is important too.

Being on a difficult project and feeling like you’re on your own is a pretty bad feeling. Having support structures in place like a centre for excellence for people to share their knowledge and lessons learned can make a big difference. It will relax managers knowing that they’re not on their own and there is help available if they need it.

2. Build a Team From Within

Having pre-existing knowledge of the industry or business you are working in can be a massive boost. Spending time to develop project professionals from your current crop of employees will certainly have its advantages.

Putting any form of development into employees makes them feel valued. They will know if they work hard for the organisation you will reward them. Its how you get the best talent to stay in the business! They might not be as qualified as someone who is ready-made outside of the business, but looking past that and putting faith in their potential can reap the rewards.

It also adds another avenue of career progression within your business, this is something that candidates will definitely consider when

3. Engage With Your Current Project Staff

Keeping in close contact with your employees is the best way to keeping your staff happy. Finding out what they like and dislike, so you can adapt and create a working environment that best suites the work front. Giving employees an avenue to express their feedback will also help add to their feeling of value.

Engaging with staff will also help in the recruitment process as well. If you are searching for a new employee then you will have a better idea about who will or won’t fit in at the organisation. The better you know your team the more likely you’ll be able to find someone who will be a good fit.

Trying to find someone for a role that is proving hard to fill can be frustrating and it can be easy to impatient and hire the best of a bad bunch. It’s important to assess all the options and talk to others about the decision!

If you need any help recruiting your next project professional why not give us a call and see if we can help you find the perfect candidate.

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