And in the red corner – PRINCE2

I was having a conversation the other day with a colleague of mine about the merits of qualifications – all I seem to hear these days are PRINCE and MSP and unfortunately started to rant on about this for a while. It did get me thinking though, I get a lot questions through phone calls to the office and careers clinics from people who are seriously planning to spend £2K on a PRINCE2 course when they have no experience of project management. If the thoughts are already there to spend serious money like that – what course would I recommend? At the moment I would recommend the APM Introductory Certificate, but would this be enough? My colleague recommended the ISEB Foundation Cert in IS Project Management, a good course by all accounts but what about people who don’t want the IS bit?

I’m still looking for the best answer or maybe there isn’t one and I shouldn’t recommend anything at all?

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  1. I took the Prince 2 Exams after covering a number of different types of projects over a number of years and then being made redundant (doing the job but no bits of paper, you know what I mean) The methodology will fit ANY type of project. Do not be frightened by the IS nature of the hype and talk. It is a generic method that I have found will fit any project and fit it well.

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