An interesting day for project recruitment marketing

My colleague Lindsay has already discussed the BPPM show at Birmingham – not impressed I am afraid to say – I am not sure what one should get out of an exhibition – feedback from stall holders was not much foot fall but what there was has been good quality. On the drive down the M6 I started to think about what people want from an exhibition. I understand that the APM Best Practice conference gets good reviews for content in terms of speakers, papers and the opportunity to network. Project Challenge at Olympia in September had good reviews from stall holders – more traffic and quality punters. The format for Project Focus is perhaps a good blend of Seminar (education not just product pitch) and exhibition, its down fall is Olympia such a tatty place these days. So further mulling where does a niche recruitment company for project people spend its marketing budget we want to be out there and seen meeting candidates and clients – perhaps we should stage our own or have a specialised exhibition at he APM conference. By this time I hit the M1 traffic at Milton Keynes, the north lane is not moving and the Czech Republic truck in front of me is all over the place. Concentrate on the driving and turn up the Hendrix classics given away free by the Torygraph, shift into sixth and cruise.

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