2020 Project Management Benchmarking – How Much Am I Worth?

We look to end the year very much the way we started it, in fact you could stretch that back to the decade to be honest, as “How Much Am I Worth?” is still a question that resonates within the project management community. The desire to understand market rates, in terms of salary or day rate remains consistent, be that from a practitioner trying to position themselves against their peers or a hirer looking to understand how much they will need to offer to attract suitable candidates.

This year Arras People are running their 15th consecutive survey to help both practitioners and hirers understand “How Much am I worth?” in terms of today’s market, a market impacted by Brexit and the Off-Payroll Worker Legislation amongst other things.

The survey is focussed around these key questions and we now look to you for support so that we can prepare and share the responses through the 2020 Arras People Project Management Benchmark Report.

Last year we asked you at Project Challenge if you’d be willing to give your data in order to see a clearer picture of today’s market. You said yes! So we would really appreciate your input and please do share the details with your colleagues and acquaintances.

Depending upon your current circumstance, the survey consists of between 11 to 29 questions which currently is taking contributers an average of 4.5 minutes of your valuable time.

Thanks in advance and seasons greetings from the team at Arras People.

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