Which Project Management Course To Do?

I’m looking at doing a Project Management course to help me re-enter the job market. I’ve taken time out to raise my son and latterly I worked from home. I started and built my own listings website which I ran for 5 years. Prior to that I worked in higher education, managing post-graduate business courses, and public relations where I promoted health and beauty brands. I see a Project Management as a good way of bringing my broad skills together but am unsure of which one to go for.

It makes sense when you have minimal experience in formal project management to start learning about that first. There are countless “Introduction to..”, “Fundamentals of”, “Foundation..” courses out there.

You can start by looking at those which are online.

There is a free Fundamentals course here which is highly recommended – Mike Clayton’s lecture series will certainly be a great place to start – there’s also other courses there to take up after you’ve looked at the fundamentals one.

Then there is a Coursera one – Introduction to Project Management Principles and Practices – there are also quite a few other courses to choose from too – here’s the full list.

If you prefer something distance learning – and also want something which carries an accreditation – you should take a look at the Association for Project Management (APM) Project Management Fundamentals. Parallel Training do that course – distance learning with an online examination.

If you’re looking for something which is classroom based – you’ve probably already seen that there are many providers to use – we have some of those listed on our project management training directory.

With classroom training you are ideally still looking for an introductory course – many of them have the APM Fundamentals one – some have their own versions.

My gut feeling for you at the moment is to stick to these types of courses first of all – I wouldn’t pursue PRINCE2 yet until you have a clearer idea about which direction you’re going to be heading.

There’s lots of courses and different options – we’ve written about a lot of them on the blog – and there is also further information on the Arras People website.

Start with the introduction levels – get that basic understanding about formal project management under your belt – think about what direction your career might take and then pursue other training options only after you’ve done this.

Good luck!

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  1. From my perspective, most of the CERTIFICATION programs, whether on line or face to face are little more than SCAMS. In particular, the most popular, PMI’s PMP, Axelos PRINCE2 and ITIL. Not worth the money in terms of developing COMPETENCY.

    As you already have proven yourself as a “successful” project manager (Being a successful entrepreneur is the epitome of applied project management) you should be seeking out those courses which help you to identify your weaknesses you may have and are focused on building your COMPETENCY. Unfortunately, the vast majority of courses are nothing more than “cram for the exam” courses which are unlikely to actually help you enhance or improved on your competency as a project manager,

    Another thought you may want to keep in mind- for every PROJECT MANAGER’s job, there are anywhere between 4 and 10 PROJECT CONTROLS jobs available, many of which pay more than a project manager can make. Take a look at what the Guild of Project Controls has developed in terms of a “body of knowledge” of best tested and proven practices from around the world, and which they make available to ANYONE (member or non-member) at NO COST. http://www.planningplanet.com/guild/GPCCAR-modules

    Take a look see what areas you are weak in and then take specific courses only on those weak areas. Some of them are on line while others are offered face to face, but whichever courses you take make sure they are NOT focused on passing any exams but on actually building COMPETENCY.

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta, Indonesia

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