PMI PMP gives the greatest return on a project manager’s career

The project management training marketplace in the UK is a confusing place. With four main options and countless bespoke courses, choosing an accreditation which is really beneficial to your career is a difficult choice to make.

In the latest project management report from Arras People, The Project Management Training Report gives some new insights to help project managers make choices that have the greatest return for their careers.

Whilst the most popular course is still PRINCE2 with a staggering 69% of UK project management practitioners holding this accreditation – it is not the best accreditation to increase earning potential.

At 65%, PPM Practitioners following the PMI PMP accreditation route have the highest percentage earning more than the median £40K to £50K set by practitioners adopting the AXELOS (PRINCE2) path +22%.

With Agile Project Management becoming increasingly visible the report also shows that the accompanying accreditations have had a slow up take:

Take up of listed Agile accreditation is still relatively low at 6.2% of our respondents, a figure which is even lower if we exclude the Scrum elements.

In terms of popularity, PRINCE2 is still at the top and the most popular combination of accreditation with PRINCE2 is another AXELOS product, Managing Successful Programmes (MSP)

The AXELOS portfolio still holds the favourite with PRINCE2 retaining its place as the most popular at 69.3% and Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) coming in second with 24.4%.

Project managers may be forgiven for thinking that certifications and accreditation are a necessity in a project management career. Not so!

At 14.3%, there are twice as many PPM practitioners in the Private sector operating without any PPM accreditation and at the same time we see 15.1% of PPM Contractors operating without any recognised PPM accreditation.


In the latest independent and in-depth report we took a comprehensive look across the whole UK marketplace and it includes:

  • Salary levels for project practitioners based on the accreditation they have
  • A look at which training courses are the most popular in the project management marketplace today
  • Highlights that the most experienced and in demand project practitioners have no accreditation at all.
  • Shows training course popularity through a number of lens including sector, gender, and the types of project management roles that exist today

A report like this is invaluable to organisations that count project managers as their employees as it is the only independent, agnostic view of the marketplace today. Access it for free at Arras People.

Project Management Training Report

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