E-Learning Tools For Project Managers

For those working in project management that don’t have the time to go to a traditional class, all is not lost.  There are now plenty of online options for anyone who wants to take business and management classes.  There are also plenty of apps that can be used as tools as well.  The following information will guide you through some of the most popular apps.  You will also learn about some of the best course options that will help you learn – or improve upon – the most sought-after business skills.

Taking Notes

It all starts with taking notes in the classroom.  However, in modern classes, students are hardly using pen and paper.  It’s become old-fashioned.  Instead, more students are using their laptops to take notes, and then saving them by using one of many apps.


One favourite – Evernote – can be added as an extension to your website browser.  It is also an all-in-one app.  It lets you take notes.  But, it also helps you find specific notes quickly, manage tasks, keep track of assignments, and lets you share information easily.  It is perfect for the student, as well as the business professional, who needs to find things, and share information, on-the-go.

google-keepGoogle Keep

Another option – Google Keep – allows you to color-code your notes, and take lists.  It also allows you to create reminders.  But, a feature that will intrigue many users is the fact that you can use your smartphone’s voice recognition to dictate notes, and have them transcribed.  This ability will allow you to create notes quicker.


There are also many other apps to choose from.  After all, there are several ways to learn, and communicate.  So, the best thing to do is find one that best fits your needs.  For example, Microsoft OneNote is a great choice for the traditional pen-and-paper notetaker.  The ability to divide things in sections allows the user to keep things organized in a way that is best for them.

dropbox-paperDropbox Paper

While Dropbox has become a popular tool to save files, Dropbox Paper allows you to take notes, and add headers and checklists.  You can also add images, and videos.  One of the best features, though, are the ability to add comments, and share notes via a link.  These abilities allow the user to create a detailed document, and then share it with team members.


If you’re into using your iPad and the new Apple pencil, Notability might just be the tool for you. With the ability to import documents – make notes on them and then backup automatically to Dropbox it really is a straight forward notetaking tool.

Management Courses


All these apps will be great to use when you are in class.  However, finding the best business courses may be tough.  But, the following course options will give you a glimpse into online courses that are perfect for the business professional.  All of these options have differences that will pique the interest of prospective students.


A favourite among many professionals – Coursera – allows you to choose from several different options for project management courses.  One such option discusses principles and practices that are essential to project management.  It will teach you about scope, planning, budgeting, resources, and risks.


Another option for business management courses allows you to choose from a plethora of options.   However, the project management degree teaches you different methodologies, tools, how to analyze, plan, and design different projects.  Learning Gantt and PERT charts will also help you walk through the necessary processes to successfully manage each project.


A third option is one with which you may have been familiar in school.  It is a tool that many professors use to teach students online, or add additional information to a traditional classroom.  However, it can also be used in the office.  There are plenty of courses that corporations and small businesses can use in order to help their coworkers learn new tasks, and other issues.  It will also help people who can’t make it to meetings feel like they are still part of the group, even if they are on the other side of the country.  Choosing the best option for you, and the people in your office, is just a few clicks away.

There are plenty of apps, and courses, available to the business professional who wants to learn more about their trade.  But, picking the right one will take some research to discover what works best for you.  However, once you find the perfect fit, you will be able to learn everything you need to help you improve your knowledge, and skills.

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