21 Ways To Improve Your Project Today

It doesn’t matter what sort of projects you manage, whether they are complex IT or construction projects, events with tight deadlines or simple improvements to business processes, you will always be able to make small, but effective, improvements by learning from other people’s experience.

Of course, there are tried and trusted best practices used throughout the world of project management to manage all the elements of a project, but you also have to consider how you run the many day-to-day activities. So, let’s take a look at some of the different ways that you can improve your project today, quickly and easily, no approval needed.

  1. Reassure clients that everything is on track – or if it isn’t then reassure them that contingencies are in place and plans are abeing reviewed and updated.
  2. Monitor project status more regularly and more thoroughly so there are no nasty surprises.
  3. Find out whether any tasks are taking excessive amounts of time to complete so you fully understand where time is really being spent on the project.
  4. Find out whether any tasks are using up excessive amounts of your budget so you fully understand where money is really being spent on the project.
  5. Show your project team members that they are appreciated; there’s nothing like it to motivate the team.
  6. Plan some activities that will help your project team to bond – especially if many of them don’t know each other. This could be something as simple as coffee and cakes for everyone.
  7. Embrace video conferencing – it is the perfect solution to building team spirit between remote project teams. And it’s so simple with tools like Skype for Business or Zoom.
  8. Make sure you show your team you trust them by not micromanaging everything they do.
  9. Practice the art of delegation – delegate tasks and then leave the person responsible to get on with it.
  10. Revisit your project plans if you have not done so recently to make sure everything is up to date, especially if there have been changes to the original plans.
  11. Check your project schedule regularly so you can anticipate any roadblocks.
  12. For inspiration watch a PM-relevant TED talk such as “As Work Gets More Complex, 6 Rules to Simplify” by Yves Morieux.
  13. Start sending out agendas prior to every meeting, if you are not already doing so. This gives everyonetime to prepare thoroughly for the meeting, making it more productive.
  14. Organise your own project tasks using a free tool like Asana, this is so much better than scrappy to-do lists.
  15. Improve your leadership skills by working on your emotional intelligence.
  16. Prioritise tasks properly – don’t just respond to those who shout loudest – their tasks may not be more important than others’.
  17. Make sure you have the people resources with the right experience assigned for upcoming tasks to avoid last minute panics.
  18. Spend 5 minutes each morning planning what you are going to do that day – this has been shown to be a simple but effective method to help you be more productive.
  19. Check you contingency plan – you do have one don’t you?
  20. Be responsive to requested changes when the project is in progress but ensure there is a formal change control process in place.
  21. Consider undertaking a project management training in order to further your ability to manage any projects within your business.
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