New Year, New Job?

One of the trends we normally see at Arras People in January is an increased number of people registering and applying for jobs. The mindset being New Year, New Job.

So with that in mind, we have collected some materials below that will help guide you through any career changes you are currently thinking about.

What Am I Worth?

It is important to be able to understand the current market you are in so you can get the best day rate possible.

Last year at Project Challenge John Thorpe presented the results of our Project Management Benchmark Report. Watch the video as John explores the market data and examines what the current market conditions could mean for you (look out for the 2020 PMBR to be released soon). >>> View Here


So you now know what the market rate is for someone of your experience and job title. You should have a clearer picture of which jobs are and aren’t worth applying for.

In our experience it comes down to 3 things: Knowing the Market Rate, Having the confidence and self-belief that you are worth that, and being a great negotiator. You can read more about getting the best day rate >>> Here


Writing a Project Management CV

If you’re unsure about your CV the first thing we recommend you do is take a look at our FREE to read CV guides and templates. Reading these materials will give you a chance to compare your current CV with our recommendations and make the necessary changes.

You can also talk to one of our PM recruitment experts for a 30-minute career clinic if you need any extra help. >>> Find out more here


When writing a CV one of the key challenges is drafting something that will get past the sifting stage of the application process. As an applicant, you have to think of it like a game of keyword bingo.

Writing your CV with this in mind can help you with your job application. But to win this game you’ll have to do more than just litter your CV with keywords and phrases. >>>Read more here


Are you looking more specifically for a PMO role? Lindsay Scott has provided us with a guide on how to Write a PMO CV.

Lindsay wrote a great series for us last year about the whole process of searching and applying for PMO positions. Click through to this blog to view all of them >>>here


Changing Career Path

Many Project Management practitioners consider changing sectors at some point in their careers for many different reasons.

Going from a situation where you have lots of knowledge and experience to one where you don’t can seem daunting. But it is really important to remember that your core skills should be highly transferable.

Find out how to change sectors as a Project Manager >>>here


Working as a permanent employee or as a contractor both have their advantages and disadvantages. A lot of practitioners change between the two as their needs and requirements suit them.

For those looking to make the change from one to the other for the first time, we have compiled a list of the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of working to help you in your decision to change.

Read the blog to find out more about permanent and contractor work >>>here


If you are thinking of contracting (or you already are a contractor) you need to be aware of the new IR35 legislation that will be coming in April this year.

John Thorpe has provided an in-depth guide to IR35 and what it means for contractors going forward. The blog also features a decision tree so you know exactly what action you need to take in order to be compliant with IR35. >>>Take a look here 


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