Job Positions Similar to a Project Coordinator

We get so many questions about project management careers here at Arras People – sometimes it seems like a simple question, but when I’m getting asked the same question a few times, I guess it’s not as simple as I think it is.

So I was asked the other day – what jobs are similar to a project coordinator?

The person asking was looking to get into project support and wanted some advice on what other keywords they could use when searching the job boards.

So here’s the list I would use when looking for positions that are similar and what I think of them:

  1. Project Co-ordinator – sometimes with a dash in the coordinator bit
  2. Project Administrator – sometimes considered to be the entry-level title into project support
  3. Project Support – which leads us onto the project support title, self-explanatory
  4. Project Support Officer – very popular in the public sector
  5. Project Assistant – sometimes seen as the Project Administrator

What I wouldn’t include:

  1. Anything with PMO in the title i.e., PMO Co-ordinator, PMO Analyst – I don’t seen those roles as entry-level ones in project support – they need more experience
  2. Likewise anything with Programme in the title i.e., Programme Co-ordinator – again, get to grips with projects before working at a programme level.
  3. Project Planner – too specialised and demands a lot of experience.

Hope that helps navigate the wonderful world of entry-level project support positions!

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