The Only Place for PMO People to Be This Summer

The PMO ConferenceIt wasn’t that long ago that you would be hard pushed to find a presentation about PMO at a conference in the UK – luckily for you if you’re working in that field you now have a full day of it at the annual PMO Conference.

It takes place next month in Central London near St Paul’s on the 7th June and over 400 PMO practitioners – Directors, Managers, Analysts and Co-ordinators – come together to learn about new insights and ideas to help take their PMO forward.

The PMO as a profession – or job if you see it that way – has come on leaps and bounds over the last 17 years. Back in the early days, someone supporting the project manager on a project was well established. These project administrators and project co-ordinators were often collectively called the PSO – the Project Support Office.

From there – and the introduction of programmes to deliver bigger, more complex outcomes – led to project administrators and co-ordinators becoming programme co-ordinators. If there were a few of them it was a Programme Management Office. This in turn helped change the PSO title to that of the Project Management Office.

Around 2008 there was the introduction of P3O – Project, Programme and Portfolio Offices – the guidance from – as was OGC at the time and now is AXELOS.

It became a game changer in a lot of ways. For a start it was something that the project and programme support people could hold up and say to their bosses, “look, this is what we do”.

It also introduced the portfolio level support function too – so now there was the Portfolio Management Office.

Collectively all three of these have become known as the PMO.

But the story doesn’t end there.

The PMO continues to evolve and change – how could it not if the organisation it sits in also evolves and change?

And that’s where something like the PMO Conference is crucial because it’s a place like this that keeps pushing the boundaries of where the PMO could and should be.

It’s a conference for PMO professionals who want to be a part of creating the next chapter in the PMO story.

Sound like you?

Take a look at the programme and book your ticket today – you’ll be in good company.

>> The PMO Conference


The PMO Conference

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